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  1. Makin' pencil holders and utensil holders for the farmer's market, hope I can get them bisqued and glazed by Dec 1st... stupid "money" job interfering with my "dream" job, lol. - Mugs are ready to gomugsforfarmersmarket.jpg.c4bd6b160e03c8e4861fe2d6e9ab0622.jpg

    1. LeeU


      Hey--don't knock it. Having a money job to fuel and support your dream job is smart--creativity put into practice throughout your endeavors.   Add business card/letter holders--people love them as gifts for people who have a desk at work or for their retail store card at the cash register.  Trust me on this! B)

    2. shawnhar


      Not knockin it too bad, just wish I could throw a lot more and the job eats up a lot of my time. Thanks for the tip! I had not thought of card holders. I'll try to think of a design for that. 

    3. JohnnyK


      First thing that came to mind for the letter holder...same as sponge holder (cup with slots); for the business card holder,,, smaller cup with most of the front half carved away. Thanks for the suggestion, Lee!

  2. Waiting for big bowls to dry so I can trim after work

    1. JohnnyK


      I'm in the same place with my Christmas order. Looking to trim them this afternoon. Rain tomorrow will slow the drying process...should be able to bisque this weekend. How did your 40 cup project wind up?

    2. shawnhar


      All things considered the mugs went well, I think I lost 12, 2 handles popped, a few had tiny cracks and a few had glaze issues. Made more since then and I have a dozen more already bisqued and ready to glaze.

      I have problems with my large bowls getting a tiny little crack in the bottom or warped rims, hoping this set of 6 will not have any issues

  3. Firing glaze test #9, really hoping this is the one....

  4. Firing 3rd glaze test....

  5. Bisquing ma test pots....

  6. Waiting for 1st glaze fire to cool...

  7. Currently firing 1st bisque, 600f and nothing has blown up yet, yay!

  8. Waiting for mugs to dry...

    Mugs drying.jpg


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