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  1. Thanks! (the music wasn't all bad) Gabby, I am in Tennessee.
  2. I see a lot of fabric and staples in my future...
  3. Well I'm calling it a success overall and pretty pleased with the results. I learned so much and received so many compliments it was kind of inspiring. Invited back for an arts festival in October, made contacts with the organizers and store owners, plus the farmer's market there and I can put some of my pieces in one of the stores for only a 20% commission. Solid day! Sold 11 mugs a few vases and little bowl for a grand total of 225 Not bad considering I estimated around 500 visitors and 100 of those were only there to see their friend play their gitar up on that microphone. I cannot begin to describe to you, the torment of high decibel, murky, sub-mediocrity bestowed upon my battered ears, the tormented delusions of talent, the nervous righteousness and timid warbling. I wasn't the only one having a first showing and of course, right next to it.
  4. Thanks Callie, I will def get cards working for my next show, but I din't want to tie our bank account to this and will be getting a tax ID and account specifically for it. I have started to realize there is nothing wrong with a crooked bowl and it actually adds something organic and human to a piece (within reason, lol) I have decided to remove anything with an actual structural fault like a crack, and the rest on a shelf labeled "Land of misfit glazes". That way I know it is still functional and feel alright about selling it. All of the pieces are seconds to me, every single one. OK there might be 2 or 3 pieces I think are OK, but 6 months from now I would consider them unworthy, nothing I have created yet demonstrates the kind of skill required to make a living at this. At least to my eye anyway. This is a lot like music to me, there are a ton of mediocre musicians out there but when you hear skill you know it, most of my pieces have obvious mistakes in the 3rd verse, just sayin, I'm like the guy playing on the patio at the bar and this show is like that, and so are all the musicians playing at this festival, all local, all amateur. That's how I got roped into this thing in the 1st place, because I'm amateur and the bar is low. But I think my wife is right, hope is the enemy of survival and I should just do it for the experience, listen to what people say, get a feel for having a booth, document what sells, make connections, treat it like you would any other business by taking what you learned and applying it to the next opportunity. I am making progress and each new kiln result makes me feel better, still some disappointment yes, but the trendline is pointing in the right direction. I wish I could take a year off and throw 20,000 pots. If I could find the right apprenticeship that's exactly what I would do and never look back. I have reached out to a local potter for a meeting and made connections with some other folks involved with local crafts, baby steps. The Vases are still heavy and that bottle is a murder weapon, but I am getting better at making the forms I want and glazing, both need about the same amount of work for improvement and that is my next goal set, lots of cutting thrown forms and my 1st set of test tiles. This was the last batch to come of of the kiln, just in time for the show, they were all warm in my hands like a comforting blanket just out of the dryer, what a great feeling!
  5. Thanks all, solid feedback all around and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge! I've decided to keep the seconds shelf, but with great "pontiferication". There are no full time potters there and the show was described to me as more oriented towards beginners and very local. It was very difficult, because my inexperience creates a challenge, A challenge to judgement, where to draw the line. I know that not one single piece exceeds my expectations, a few of them "approach" what I want to do, and what i will be able to do, and the rest are on a gentle slope of degregation in achievement, down to the last boat anchor of a cofffe mug with crawling glaze. So, at what point do I draw the line. It seems a daunting task, to choose, at what point is the gate, to oblivion... I get it, I see the newbs in class saving the worst bowl ever made. I didn't think I'd have a problem culling but I am. Thinking someone might give me 10 bucks for that thing I made, it's a trap I know, but I'm just trying to be honest in this journey. I want to make a living at this, and throwing away that 10 bucks is hard, especially when I've never sold anything at a show and measuring my success of this by the 1st goal of making it pay for it'self. I will have to change over to white "accouterments" after this show, but I do have a light beige tablecloth for the large table I can use. I was not ready for this and scraped up some sort of display shelves last minute, so yeah, lol, none of it matches Just found 4 50lbs hex dumbbells on cregslist and going to get those on lunch, that makes me feel better about the kite of a canopy. Great tip on the cash box! I plan to use a fanny pack for cash and the event organizer said she will run credit card purchases for me since I don't have that set up yet. I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful feedback, I feel much more mentally prepared than a few days ago!
  6. Callie that is a great story! Thanks for sharing, I get the feeling my experience will be very similar.
  7. 40% chance of thunderstorms so I don't think I can go without a tent. I plan to weight each leg with a 30lbs dumbbell tightlined to the corner. Highly unlikely wind gusts will get above 40 mph. Someone gave me a "better" pop-up but it had already been trashed by the wind and I couldn't really fix it. It does however have a white canopy... I may try to use that.
  8. Thanks Gabby, I'm not going to bash anything at the show for sure, I've just not had any conversations about my work other than critique because I'm still so beginner so it will be strange. I priced the mugs at 15, big bowls at 50, smaller bowls at 15 and 20 for vases and a bunch of seconds mugs for 10. I think that's fair since the prices will go up after the pieces get better. It's a local yearly crafts show with 45 vendors and local music all day, couple of other pottery booths. Thanks dh! The turquoise mugs are part of the "50 mugs thrown in a day" practice run, almost all the mugs in the pics are. I have around 20 more pots than the pics, been busy and forgot to post the results! Thanks Denice, if folks are looking for imperfections they won't have any problems finding it, lol. Who knows, the seconds mugs might be the hit or the bowls with crawling glaze.
  9. Too fast! I just started in March and should not be trying to do this, but my wife is right so often on these types of things that I have learned to just trust her judgement and go with it. I have also been informed I'm kind of an ass when I tell people why I am not happy with the pots I've made so far, that I come across as elitist . I don't know how to not be super critical of anything I make and it is difficult to accept compliments. The studio owner, scoffed at my latest dissatisfaction and accused me of being a budding perfectionist. Conversations about crawling glazes or drips have yielded a response of "some people like that", to which I think "those people are ignorant". So this show is supposed to be "nothing to lose", no pressure situation, more of a learning experience to see what people say and what types of things generate the most interest, networking, etc... Trying to keep in mind it doesn't matter if I sell zero pots, but I am fighting embarrassment because I am ashamed of most of the things I have to offer. Set up a rough layout last night after work so I don't have to think about that part of it, now if I only had some nice pots to put in it! How was your 1st show?
  10. shawnhar

    Firing Bisque in Computerized Kiln

    Hey Yappy, how long does it take for a bisque on that kiln? And what cone are you firing to? I just got one and curious about firing times.
  11. shawnhar

    Bailey 50R Wheel Head Removal?

    Thanks Neil, I will give them a ring
  12. I need to remove the splash pan so I can clean inside and it's all one piece. There is a flange underneath with 4 bolt heads and a shaft in the center with a retaining clip. Can I just remove the retaining clip and slide the wheel head out? A wrench on one the flange bolts did not seem to loosen (nut on the other side I assume) Anyone know where I can download a manual?
  13. shawnhar

    OK for kiln to get wet?

    Thanks all! I don't think it was clear from my post but I meant wet from dew, everything is bone dry and nothing has been wet. I brought the kiln inside last night and the smell is mostly gone. The wheel is the worst smelling and I left it out last night, made sure everything else was under a patio umbrella to keep the dew off.
  14. Hahahahha, I know I know, lol. I bought someone's entire small studio this morning and nothing has been used in like 3 years, it all stinks of mildew and I have it completely torn down laying in the driveway soaking up some sun. Can I leave it and the shelves/stands/peephole covers/temp cones, etc.. overnight with heavy dew and dry all day tomorrow? It will not be plugged in for 2 or 3 weeks, I just want to air it all out before bringing it inside.

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