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  1. Thanks Rae, the video that Hulk linked to for Mr. Clinton shows great wheel speed control, it's just second nature at that level and I'm guessing you don't even think about it. I tend to take my foot off the pedal and haven't been focusing on controlling the speed much. Watching that vid also really hit home how much I am fitting about with the clay. http://www.mainstreamnetwork.com/listen/player.asp?station=wnfz-fm
  2. Thanks Rae, that is a great point about the slip, and something I struggle with. There is a learning curve to using less water and keeping the slip spread around the pot so you don't need to add more water, I'm still running into problems trying to do it. I have gotten better at it but still a long way to go. Back in April I was filling up the splash pan with water! After all the great feedback I threw some more mugs but my tripod broke and didn't film it, going to get another one today. I used the sponge in my hand to throw and that made a big difference, needle tool on the bottom is TONS better than trying to use the wood knife, big sponge to clean off hands and tools is much better than what I was doing, and I tried to be purposeful in my movements, made all the same shape, no "winging it". Flattening the top during centering, avoiding the buttress and remembering to compress the rim helped a lot with uneven rims, still had to needle a few rims though as I was trying to pull more aggressively and ended up with a wobble or totally lost it, got most of them with 3 pulls though, and then shape, only using the rib once at the end, went a lot faster, produced 30 mugs in 2.5 hours, considering the losses that puts me well below the 5 minute mark and closer to my 2 minute goal. They came out a bit sloppy though, tough to have speed and accuracy at this early stage but you guys are freakin awesome. Thanks for helping me move in the right direction!
  3. shawnhar

    Studio Photography

    I'm in a pickle for pics, my phone takes terrible photos and I modified my dslr by replacing the internal IR filter so it's more sensitive to hydrogen alpha wavelengths, so it has a red bias. Even with a grey card and custom white balance, the colors are never quite right.
  4. shawnhar

    Studio Photography

    Callie that mug makes me want a cupcake
  5. shawnhar

    Bailey Pro Xl vs Shimpo Vl Whisper

    I think you'd be fine with either wheel. I wanted a Whisper but ended up with a used Bailey a couple of months ago and so far I like it just as well as the Shimpo at the studio.
  6. Thanks Stephen, I signed up for the 4 Saturdays leading up to xmas so I have 3 more to go this one is only open 3 hours, figured it might be a good toe dipper, I need some experience. I had 100 mugs and over 100 other pieces, making more mugs today as I'm off work due to IT issues. I do plan to do regular shows, as many as I can get in next year, my wife is selling her store and is going to work with me to try and make pottery a reality, we hope to do a bunch of shows and explore other avenues of selling, my current goal is to sell 12k in 2019.
  7. Awesome feedback guys! Liam I have only recorded myself a few times, I meant to do it more often but never got around to it. I agree It is really helpful to watch yourself 3rd person. Mark that is really intresting, I am going to skip the rib on some of my next batch and see how they turn out. I could throw 50 mugs in 3 hours if I had all the clay balls ready and was making one shape, but the handles would take MUCH longer! My goal was 40 mugs a week next year but I realized my studio (aka, my bathroom) is not big enough to support that volume of production, well maybe, if I did'nt make anything else, only mugs, maybe. -I'm going to try using a large sponge for finger slop and try throwing with a sponge in my hand to see if I can avoid the towel and the bucket more. - I'll have to look into getting some small bats and will look up ur your old posts! - You make a 2# mug? Good grief that thing must be more like a beer stein, lol. Gabby thanks for the suggestion of stretching, gotta keep the body in shape! - Dangit now I want to practice throwing a 3 pull 3 pound cylinder but I don't have time right now, after xmas... challenge accepted! Mea thanks for the hockey puck tip, using it right now and it's working great! You are spot on about being intentional, I would say that is my biggest weakness right now. Changing the shape, you got me....I just changed my mind mid throw and decided it need to be the other shape, "unsure and indecisive about shaping" is exactly right. I'm still experimenting a little, not every time I throw but I'm not trying to make exactly the same shape every time either, I'm trying to put tons of varience into my mugs bowls and vases because I don't know what sells so it's hard for me to nail down a specific shape and make it on purpose, feels like everything is just a market test to see if it will sell, if so then, great, make more of "those". I see that is kind of backwards, the correct path is "make 20 of these, on purpose", if they don't sell, don't make more, but if they do you can make more because you made those on purpose. Thanks Mark, the large sponge is a good tip, just threw 9 mugs and it helped, added a clean water bucket and dry with towel, bam! I do need to watch it letting go of the piece gently, happens when I'm trying to rush the process. I kind of have to wire off my mugs right now so I can put them on ware boards, don't have any bats to use like that, the ones I do have are 12" and take up too much space. I thought he almost lost it at the 59 second mark but recovered, then the same thing happened next piece, and the next, that wheel is spinning super fast! I can't throw that dry or fast without torquing the clay and losing it. I think I need another thousand under my belt, lol. Watching that video made me try to go faster and I lost 2. Rae I am all over that 12" cylinder practice after xmas Clark I agree about releasing too fast, will work on that, nice tip on the ring pressure when opening, I'll give that a try. Neil thanks for the insight on posture, I have one of those "reminder belts" for my back and haven't been wearing it. I got into the habit of really leaning in like that when centering started getting easier, I'll work on keeping my back straight and mindfulness of what I'm doing. Had a great sales day at the Farmer's Market, at least to me, sold 17 mugs and a few other things, 350 in sales was well above what I hoped for considering the venue and rain. Next day was open house sale at the studio and I sold all my seconds mugs for 5 bucks so I ended up doing over 450 for the weekend, a milestone for me for sure!
  8. Thanks Mark, I feel the same way about teaching anything and appreciate you taking the time to watch the vid and give feeback. You know, looking back at the video it does seem like I spend a lot of time going to the water bucket. I did a session of 50 mugs in one day to practice speed a while back, and I ended up with a buch of "boogers" from where I had not cleaned off my hands, or the tools, so I changed my steps to include a lot more cleaning, trying to avoid that. I have noticed I need to spend less time creating slip if there is enough wet area to spread what slip is alreay there to the rest of the pot, and I do see less time in the water bucket as more efficient, just haven;t gotten there yet. I had not thought of using the needle tool instead of the stick for the bottom but I will incorprate that into my next session! I have seen vidoes of people using right angle V shaped trimming tools used to do both at the same time and planned on making some from old hacksaw blades. - "Not a rib guy" is a pretty intresting statement, I'm curious if that is a product of years of use and realizing you didn't/no longer need it or more of a "end result is the same" and abandoning it to save time. - Do you wire/remove your mugs from the wheel or leave them on the bat? It seems like what kind of bat would be irrelevant if you wire them off and put on a ware board. Thanks liambesaw, I have tried the 1st pull palm thing but ran into problems with the clay drying out too fast and creating a ton of torque on my palm so not able to complete the pull. I have seen different clays be able to resist that torque more than others, or stay slippery longer, which is very much the reason I keep moving to less grog/more plastic clays. - I got a ton of S cracks trying to throw off the hump, which I'm sure is due to my newbness, but if I wanted to have 100 mugs for the farmer's market I was just going to have to do what worked before. Throwing off the hump is high on my list of things to master, as one of my hopeful mainstays is little 4 oz ramikens sold for cheap, my wife sold the heck out of them at 5 bucks and I could really crank those things out if throwing off the hump.
  9. 8 months in and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface but I'm getting much better at centering, opening, pulling and shaping. I'm still not purposeful in a way that demonstrates mastery, I might shape 3 or 4 times or realize it's thick at the bottom and have to pull and shape again, still get the wobbly rim and have to trim it , etc... and I haven't mastered the smooth transition of the super efficient "centering/opening/pulling" technique that I saw in a utube vid that I can't find now; it was one fluid step from centering through first pull and I often get a wobble when opening, but I've it done successfully a few times. I read that mugs are pretty much 70% of your sales as a production potter so that is where 70% of my effort is going, and I feel like it has definitely paid off in the quality of my mugs. Iv'e tried to absorb all the feedback you have already given here, like thinner and rounded rims, handle shapes, etc.. and the video is a good representation of where I'm at as far as ability, technique and speed. Anyway... I'm looking for hardcore "I don't care if you like me" feedback. The forum is filled with nice people (which is a good thing!) but I don't want nice, I want critical feedback that I can use to improve my skill. I want to be better, and I would like you, to tell me what I'm doing wrong, or what I should work on to reach my goal of being a production potter. I am at the point where bad habits might become muscle memory if I don't change them now and I plan on making a thousand mugs next year, so I am looking for input that will help me be a professional, so any critique and/or advice from someone that's been doing this longer than me will be very valuable to me. I appreciate your consideration, now let the flaming commence...
  10. shawnhar

    TC Offset and new elements?

    Thanks Neil, guess I won't worry about the elements for a while. I have no idea how many times they were fired when I got the kiln but they looked really good and still do.
  11. shawnhar

    TC Offset and new elements?

    I read somewhere you only get 50 (ish) glaze firings out of a set of elements, is that inaccurate? At twice a week that would be over 100 in a year, plus the bisque. I am not seeing increase in firing time really, I think 9 minutes is probably within the variance and the last 2 were exactly the same
  12. Make sense Steven, the ones I washed off were not the same color as the rest of my bisque ware and I kind of thought the same thing. There has to be "some" residual glaze within the piece even after ardent washing right?
  13. Thanks all! I have noticed my pieces are taking a lot longer to dry at the studio lately since it turned cooler and there are no doors open and fans running.
  14. The glaze appeared to have come out thin and had small blisters. Maybe I should have dipped them longer than normal, or they got contaminated with studio dust and I didn't clean them sufficiently. I do live in a humid area.
  15. I screwed up the glaze on my big bowls and need to start over, but the previous attempts at the studio yielded poor results after re-glazing. I had scrubbed those off with a sponge under running water, then let dry for days before dipping again. Any tips or tricks to removing glaze and starting over after you have dipped a piece in glaze the 1st time?

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