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  1. I was thinking the same thing, thanks Rae
  2. Thanks that's a great suggestion I will definitely try it. It allows multiple use too
  3. The circut machine is expensive, is there one just for paper cutting maybe cheaper?
  4. Thank you I will experiment
  5. By silhouette cutter you mean an exacto knife?
  6. Thanks but doesn't the paper tear when removed? How about a masking technique, any ideas?
  7. I am using a thin plastic stencil pattern with slip on a bone dry piece and the pattern always bleeds, any tip on how to avoid that?
  8. ^5 clay

    how to make slip

    Hello ceramists and potters I was wondering how to make slip using the^5 clay I use, I did make a creamy mix but I am wondering if I need to add any chemical to it, any feedback is greatly appreciated . Thanks
  9. ^5 clay

    ^5 clay

    Thanks LeeU very helpspful, I will try it
  10. ^5 clay

    ^5 clay

    what is the best way to recycle clay from bone dry state?
  11. Thanks Mark, the stilts are the probem I guess, I will experiment with a foot
  12. What's a cookie? Also I have to glaze the bottom, the gift shops I sell them to prefer that. Thanks
  13. Hi All I make flat bottom square platters and I glaze the bottom and fire them on stilt. The platters are flat after the bisque firing but warp in the glaze firing and end up rocking. Does anyone have a similar challenge? Any suggestions? Thanks

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