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  1. Pinkfish

    Newbie without bentonite

    It’s calcuum bentonite. Very fine and greenish gray in color. Still avoid?
  2. Pinkfish

    Newbie without bentonite

    No she didn’t mishear. We talked about it quite a bit. She said it would make Kitten’s Clear opaque. I was at Highwater Clays. She was very nice!
  3. Pinkfish

    Cracks in greenware

    It was on its base when drying. I had used the wire to cut it from the bat and then left it on the drying rack. The wall thicknesses are pretty consistent. Do you think it’s salvageable? Is there a way to fix the crack?
  4. Pinkfish

    Newbie without bentonite

    Thanks for the info! I guess I learned not to trust the clerks at the local pottery store
  5. I make planters with built-in saucers. The other day, this one cracked before going into bisque. Is it possible it got too cold outside? I keep my pieces outdoors in Florida under a covered patio on a screened-in porch but it did get pretty cold last week overnight. Would temperature cause these cracks?
  6. Pinkfish

    Newbie without bentonite

    This recipe doesn’t have whiting as an ingredient. I planned on adding whiting on top of the 100% ingredients of Kitten’s Clear as well as some mason stain. I am hoping it works as an opacifier.
  7. Hello! I got all the ingredients today to mix my first batch of glaze - Kitten’s Clear - from John Britt’s book on mid-fire glazes. Trouble is, the recipe calls for an added 2% of bentonite and the girl who helped me gather all the ingredients either missed/skipped or forgot it. How essential is the bentonite? Can I proceed without it? I plan to add some whiting and stain. If it’s essential, can someone link a good place to buy some online? I actually have a 100% bentonite clay powder I use for a face mask - would that work as a replacement? thanks!

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