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  1. Brand new baby Skutt not operating

    Thanks guys. I'm retescent to open it up because it's brand new out of the box. I don't want to void any warranties?
  2. Brand new baby Skutt not operating

    Im on it. Was hoping it might righ a bell for someone. Thank you for trying!
  3. Brand new baby Skutt not operating

    Yes, the screen stays on flashing Idle/<temp>, as I hadn't pushed anything. I press it a few times and nothing. Then I try the up button and I get the OPt message, then it's just locked. :/
  4. I've just received my new Skutt 8x4 LT test kiln and thought I'd take it out for a spin. I plug it in, it beeps, flashes "idle" and the temp alternately, but when I push the start/stop/enter nothing happens. Then I try the Up View Segment button and it gives me a Opt message. And there it stays, locked that way. Nothing in the error messages nor regular messages says anything about "Opt." Help!

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