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  1. JeanWW

    Test firing my new kiln

    Hi Min Yes they are the instructions. Thanks for your advice. I managed to get a sensible - and immediate - reply to this and some other queries by contacting Potclays through facebook messenger (I was using email and getting no response). They do say: " With most modern controllers the cone test is largely redundant". So it seems I have been worrying about nothing. I have suggested that they rewrite the instructions.
  2. JeanWW

    Test firing my new kiln

    I've found a lot of detailed advice on this at https://www.ortonceramic.com/files/2676/File/cones-and-firing-booklet.pdf Still feeling a bit puzzled that the manufacturer of my new kiln said to fire up to 750C and use cone 06, but your advice makes more sense. Not quite ready to go, as I've ordered some goggles for looking at the cone, but hopefully very soon!
  3. JeanWW

    Test firing my new kiln

    Thanks to both. I think I'm good to go now.
  4. JeanWW

    Test firing my new kiln

    My instructions say to stick the small cone in a bit of clay.
  5. JeanWW

    Test firing my new kiln

    Hi Neil Thanks for replying. The cones are small. The kiln has a digital controller. The instructions say I should do the first test firing empty and the second test should be a bisque firing. So I guess the second firing is more like a regular firing. As I thought, the cone will do nothing at 750C, so I guess I would be checking to see that it is doing nothing. So you advise me to do the first firing at 1000C instead of 750C? This seems to make sense if I am using cone 06. Should I put all the kiln furniture in, and put batt wash on the shelves beforehand? I'm getting excited now and want to get going tomorrow!
  6. Just setting up a little pottery studio at home and have bought a brand new kiln from Potclays. (I'm in UK.) The instructions are sadly inadequate and Potclays have not been very helpful so far. I wondered if someone here could help me more quickly as I'm keen to do my first test firing. They have sent me some 06 test cones. For the first test, they tell me to fire the kiln to take 5 hours to reach 750 degrees C. Once it reaches 700 (after 4 3/4 hours), they say I should check the cone at 15 minute intervals. They do not say what I am checking for. I have asked them but they have not given me a clear answer. For the second test, they say I should repeat the procedure but firing to 1000 degrees C. For this firing they say the cone should bend tip to base. What I don't understand is: if the cone bends right over at 1000 degrees C, what will the same cone do at 750 degrees C? I need to know what I'm checking for; otherwise there's no point in checking. Please help!

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