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  1. Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    I'm finding that sitting lower is better for me, however, have to sit higher, closer and leaning in to center. A plastic milk crate, upside down (with a folded towel on it for paddin') is about right, and on its side, tilted forward is good to get centered. Once - if ever - dialed, maybe a fancier solution will evolve. Can't beat sittin' onna terlet tho'!
  2. eben medium-end road bikes (just put good wheels and tires on'm - it's all about th' wheels an' tires) ...hmmm, time to get a ride in!
  3. You're gonna like that Rex. Just brought home a Skutt 1027, it's an older model, but (seems like) a deal! Skutt Support - thanks again Laura - and Tech, Daniel, right there with tips on what to check for, what element replacement would cost, etc., thanks Skutt! On to wirin' up 60 amp circuit...
  4. Hi Rex, Yep, that's my wheel. The selling price was a bit more - he just wants you to lookit his propane setup, err... ...workin' on lidded jars for ceramic class, mug for a friend, bowls w/o the "beginner" lump, lol Been watchin' for a kiln the since wheel landed. Note that many of the deeply discounted new models may have less than the quoted five years remaining onna warrantee? Call Skutt.
  5. Steven Hill 1/2HP with all that, yep! ...loving it, so far. It's a caddy.
  6. Jack is a Nanday Conure, a two time rescue bird - my lil' pal. I'm curious about the adjustments, however, I'm liking how it is set for now. Clockwise was requirement, the switch was the first thing touched and tested! We were just reflecting on the equator an' th'fact that we've never been t'other side ...'cept Jack, of course. I'm enjoying perusing the threads here.
  7. Liking it! Busy during the week, have taken it for a spin just twice now. It's a bit noisy - not as bad as the recent thread - I'm thinking it will quiet down after some use. The previous owner said he'd logged twenty hours, maybe so (shh, I doubt it). The pedal's great; precise control at slow speeds. As advertised, when a load is applied (centering, etc.), the wheelhead slows - it doesn't compensate the way the Brents at school do; to maintain speed, throttle the pedal, or just let'r drag. I don't mind it (I am just a rank beginner, however). The pan is cast aluminum. I don't mind scooping it out vs. carrying a plastic pan; it cleans up easy. That's the first form off the wheel in the pic. Jack's mad! He prefers extemporaneous shots vs. being posed. Sorry Jack! Although right handed, I'm a clockwiser; to me it makes sense to work on the left side, right hand in. Again, I was impressed by Skutt Support; thanks to Laura. See you inna funny papers.
  8. Local Craigslist sighting, a Steven Hill (don't look, it mine)! Curious if the warrantee transfers to 2nd owner, I rang Skutt support this afternoon. Laura (a real person!) confirmed, the warrantee does transfer! She also traced the serial and passed along the date of sale, confirmed the model, etc. Wow, thanks! If I score the wheel, I'll post an update ; if not ... I'll keep looking.

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