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  1. Has anyone found a good solution for warming the water in a Cink? Over the winter, my studio gets cold, and the water in the Cink gets painfully cold. I don't need it to be hot or even warm, just not really cold. I have to believe someone's already worked this out. Any suggestions?
  2. Test Kiln TIps

    Thanks everyone! You input has been really helpful. I'm now thinking a test kiln would be worth trying, and it seems clear that more control over the cool-down is desirable. That will make selecting a test kiln much easier. At this point, I'm leaning toward the L&L Doll Baby with Dynatrol, which would fit inn with the current kiln nicely, and could use the existing kiln monitoring software.
  3. Test Kiln TIps

    I'm thinking about getting a small test kiln to help accelerate my glaze formulation work. It's just taking way too long for me to make enough stuff to justify firing the big kiln (an L&L e-23). All my work electric fired in the cone 5-6 range. So, the idea of adding a smaller faster kiln appeals. I'd be interested in hearing recommendations or experiences from folks who are using test kilns in their regular practice. What should I watch out for? What's especially effective for working on glazes? How close are the results in test kiln firings to corresponding large kiln firings? What do you wish someone had told you when you were thinking about adding a test kiln? Thanks!
  4. I take my work seriously and put a lot into it, but it's also a lot of fun. I'd suggest thinking about it from the customer's perspective, if you're trying to convince them to change behavior or to develop a relationship with local artists. Is the idea to get them to start buying pottery, or to get them to think about doing it in a context that they haven't thought about before?
  5. likes making things.