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  1. exploding clay tips and why

    no, it literially was all over the container when I came back today. I found it close to exploding and it was breaking up. so, kind of. but today it was fully exploded and all over the container.
  2. I will try my best to go to all of the reccomended stores. Thanks for the advice!!!!!
  3. Glazing tools

    thanks guys! I will try a leave to paint with glaze.
  4. OMG! thank u SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I thank u. I will try everything u told me, and yes, doing clay artwork is very fun. I am just a newbie so thanks for the advice.! Dog-Lover
  5. Glazing tools

    I have a wonder. Does anyone know if u can use a leaf to glaze? like, to spread the glaze.
  6. exploding clay tips and why

    Day #1: As u know, I have been saving a small piece of clay in a container, waiting for it to explode because of air bubbles. Today, when I checked back in with it, it did not explode so I opened the container. It had a smell, and it was squishy. I will report every day until it explodes.
  7. oh. well, that makes me a lot more comfortable. Thanks!
  8. thanks guys! I knew I needed help, as to why I made this topic. Pres, I would exactly like to know how u knew that about me, and have we met? I feel like we have.
  9. i would deny that anyone at this site was not meant for pottery, or anything artistic.
  10. So, if u don't have the tools u need, how do u make clay? I am having trouble finding my tools so I would like some help please that would be so kind! thanks!

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