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  1. I am learning to use my new Skutt Kiln, firing glaze to 5-6. From 'found' pieces of kiln furniture I have a variety of kiln stilts (the kind with the little metal prongs sticking out?). I just fired my first glaze firing, and I had a flat bowl that had NO drip edge margin, so i place a couple of the old 'bar stilt' pieces under it, thinking that they would protect the kiln shelf if the glaze got too runny. When I unloaded the kiln, my little bowl had two new little skids.... the stilts had fused to the bottom. SOOOO... while I'd never thought about it (it didn't occur to me that kiln furniture wouldn't fire to a mid-fire range (5-6). My take away is that all of my 'found' stilty peices are not going to be helpful... and makes me have two questions: 1. What DO I use for stilts? I did a little research and it appears that Roselli (now Creative Industries) stilts can be used upto Cone 10... is that right? Is it the metal that is the problem? How do you know? 2. I have those blocks that I use to separate the kiln shelves (one shelf, a set of block stilts, another shelf, etcetra). Are THOSE a problem? Will I find the the shelf collapsed in the middle of a firing? Help
  2. Thanks all! I used an underglaze pencil... worked very well!
  3. And... depending upon your interests and time, maybe it's time to open YOUR OWN studio. If there are people coming in, you could figure out what the revenue/costs are and 'rescue' the community from a BAD situation!
  4. I forgot to mark the identifying numbers on some test tiles. Is there a way to mark the bisque ware before glazing?

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