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  1. firebob

    Advancer Kiln Shelves

    Rex Johnson Sometimes for larger $ orders you can get a local shop to order it for you or accept the delivery for a fee that's cheaper than the lift gate charge.
  2. firebob

    Clay pliability / short aging time.

    Next time I mix clay I will give this a try. Thanks
  3. firebob

    Clay pliability / short aging time.

    I buy all dry clay. My stonewear recipe is from my dad, but my terracotta is a normal mix. I mix in a Soldner, the a large self feeding pug mill, cut the clay into logs and put into a plastic tote / pallet that doubled bagged, and stacked to age. I use a de airing pug mill before I use the clay. I have found it's hard for me to throw a terracotta pot that has a 20" rim or a large strawberry pot unless the clay has aged. It could have some to do with me taking the clay out of the de airing pug mill and going to the wheel with out wedging and how I learned to throw. I know very little when it comes to clay chemistry.
  4. firebob

    Selling Large Work vs Small Work

    I only do one show a year. If I had a choice to mix clay all day or to pack up the van to restock my galleries I would chose to mix clay if I could. I packed up the van this morning for a few galleries to take tomorrow. I get a few "interior designers" though my shop from the north and they like to buy my larger work. I find having the larger work in the galleries helps a lot to get people to come to my shop. Joseph F Sorry about the thread. I did not see you wanted to delete it until after I posted. I got dragged away form the computer to check my kiln as i was typing...
  5. firebob

    Selling Large Work vs Small Work

    I do make some larger stuff and it dose sell, but it can take time to sell. The cost that gets tied up into something large can be scary. Marketing larger stuff can also be hard, but I do not do any shipping. I do have one gallery that I try to keep 3 or 4 larger pieces in. My kilns are 41x41x41" and sometimes do vases, jars, umbrella / cane holders that only fit 9 items per load.
  6. firebob

    Clay pliability / short aging time.

    It was all made fresh. I only throw terracotta during the winter. I only buy terracotta once a year. It's much cheaper to fire in the gas kiln when the cost of propane is up. I did wedge some up today and play with it as I was firing both my kilns and think it's a little iffy for larger pots. I ran it all back through my big pug mill and cleaned everything up to switch back over to terracotta in the morning. It'll get the de airing pug mill right before use. It should improve over the next week I hope.
  7. firebob

    Seeing is believing

    There are to many people will keep teaching the air pocket is causing the problems for this myth to ever go away. The only issue I know about an air pocket is they can make it harder to to dry out the work in a short amount of time.
  8. I mix all my own clay's. My stoneware I like to age 6+ months and my terracotta I like to age 3+ months. Somehow (dealing my illness) I only mixed around a third of the terracotta that I normal do. What I like to do... Is mix the clay, pug mill, store / age, than us a de airing pug mill right before I use it. I have around 3 tons (dry weight) of terracotta that was mixed, pug mill, aged about 3 weeks, re pug mill, aged a week, and have not messed with it. Is it worth cleaning my de airing pug mill and trying the terracotta, or will it need to age longer? Would it be better to pug mill it Monday and let it sit 1 more week before starting on it? The largest pot I would make with the clay would be 40 pounds. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. firebob

    Advancer Kiln Shelves

    The warping is my biggest issue as I have car kilns. I know maintenance on the cars and track is key, but when you get a self wrap during a firing there is not a lot you can do. I have not had any issues with the Advancer shelves.
  10. firebob

    Advancer Kiln Shelves

    I bought a set of them for one of my DD40 kilns. I also have a set of hollow kiln shelves that I no longer like. I still have about 1.5 sets of old school shelves that are kept on a shelf and never used. I would have a second set of Advancer shelves, but I'm a little unsure of some health issues that are coming up. Most weeks I fire both of my DD40 kilns to cone 7. In the winter I make a lot of terracotta garden pots and do around 3 firings a week.

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