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  1. PQotW #30 is up and ready!




  2. Bisquefired two large pickling crocks last night.  Largest was 25#, thicker walls than usual, but wanted it to hold up to abuse, and the rim is a water catch to cut the oxygen contamination to the interior. Glazing later in the week as Med emergency with wife(broken shoulder).

    1. Min


      Ouch! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your wife.

  3. PQotW  29 is up and ready for your perusal! Enjoy 


    Finally posted Answer key to PQotW 27


    PS.. Found another box of 20 books in the attic!

  4. PQotW 28 is up and ready. Be careful!





  5. PQotW 26-Answer Key is up and ready for your perusal. Hope no one is too upset.

  6. PQotW 27 is up and ready folks, I learned a new word.


    Special note,

    Some of you may have noticed a format change in the PQotW. This is primarily because the software does not accept a direct cut paste from my word processor into the forum using Rich text format, thus removing much of my formatting.




  7. Hi folks, Sorry I'm late but the PQotW Key for Week 25 is up.




  8. Just posted PQotW 26, Enjoy!




  9. Folks I just copied two of Josephs tutorials to the Forum FAQ & Help Topics area. This should allow future users to find these excellent tutorials when needed without running a search.  This has been in  with approval of the Moderators and Administrators.

    Time to adjust to the changes, it is new for all of us, but if we work together, we'll all get through it.




  10. PQotW #25 is up and ready for your enjoyment. Carefully!;)




  11. I will be going away this week for a little camping trip to Acadia, ME. Will return the following Monday 9.11.

    Bruce, John and others will be covering for me.

  12. PQotW: Week 23 is up and ready to make your day!

  13. Glaze load is out, grinding bottoms, turned out really well, Rutile green worked well, but white liner needs work.

  14. Key is up for PQotW 21

  15. Glaze load firing tonight, fire off in the morning, then the long wait!

  16. PkqotW #22 is up and ready. . . don't get frustrated!

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Never frustrated unless camera does not work at 50 feet underwater-then I am

  17. PQotW 20 answer key is now attached.

  18. Folks, Week 21 of the PQotW is up and ready. . . good luck!

  19. PkQotw: Week 20 is up and ready.

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Can't enter OaB threads. Bummer....

  20. Glazed all day yesterday, fired last night, now the long wait until late tomorrow to pop the lid. . . Uhhhh!

  21. Sorry I missed yesterdays PQotW, but it is now up and posted. Later today will post last weeks answers

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      waiting patiently...NOT :-)

  22. Answers for PQotW 16 are up.

  23. Snagged some nice pieces of pottery at the Penn State festival, wife is very pleased!

    1. GEP


      [ grins happily ]

    2. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Happy wife, happy potter. ;)

    3. Pres


      Oh Yeah!

  24. Answer Key to PQotW 15 is up

    1. glazenerd


      Wow, aced two in a row. Better not answer week 16, I will flunk again.

    2. Pres


      Cowardice. . . !

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      more questions?

  25. PQotW 16 is posted folks. . enjoy