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  1. Mark C.

    Accidentally high-fired bisquware

    Put some witness cones in as well and look at them near shut down.
  2. I hate to say this but its more than the 6,000 per year-yesterday was my easy day -I counted the stuff just to see what an easy day was. fire two glaze fires threw 24 square chopstick bowls and trimmed them Did 3 square slab plates-finished them with the suns heat 30 sponge holders cut and finished-extruded 25 soap dishes -sponged and holed them did a fair amount of misc outside studio as well see if I counted this stuff I would go nuts
  3. Mark C.

    Accidentally high-fired bisquware

    No it will not.You will need to heat the pieces before glazes so they are warm and they will NEVER absorb glaze well. Meaning they never will work well. Last time I did this I threw the kiln load in trash and made another kiln load. Its a learning curve with ceramics and all the detail matter. Sorry to hear about this mistake. Welcome to the forum
  4. Mark C.

    Shout out to Glazenerd!

    I read that to-good job Tom.
  5. Mark C.

    Alternative to Brent motor?

    Brent part prices are really inflated but I have never needed brushes in 40 years of use.Its the other stuff that goes out. I have a motor that Brent gave me to test in the 80's-its one they do not use but I can get the name off the plate as it fits thiermounting bracket . They may still be making dc motors. The best deal with Brent for me is when I send in the whole mess (foot pedal controller and motor-they usually fix it for far less than the parts price on the web site.The ups is spendy but they do quick service and seem to honer their stuff that broke.
  6. Mark C.

    New to me New Model A Brent wheel

    I would go to that same motor repair shop and ask them for a replacement and what would the cost be? I may have a motor source written on the studio wall-I'll check today.I think I have a box label from a motor company
  7. I could not help myself-I ran into a new still in original box Brent Model A wheel (I have a used one to trim on)This is the small 1/3 hp Brent made for small spaces.I think they made them for less then 10 years . These wheels have not been made in over 15 years-this one was bought from Dick Brick and the owner retired and never opened it and put it in storage. I paid $350 and it will cost about $50 to ship it..Not sure what I'm going to do with it as I needed another wheel like a hole in the head. I just could not pass it up.I may let another wheel go.Maybe its time to open up a school and give lessons as I have 6 wheels now.Not a chance
  8. Recently (January) I drove 500 miles to a family friends 90th birthday. He was an important figure in my upbringing and was still very sharp living at a facility that does not yet care for him but will when he needs it. He was an architect his whole life. He had 2 pots of mine from the middle 70's and I really saw my style had changed dramatically since then. My feet, my forms, my handles -everything. He also has a pot from my older brother who is long gone (died 1971) from his summer class with Paul Soldner in Pasadena in 69. It was a real eye opener. They where bigender pots I made about 6 years into being a potter.One was a casserole -the other was a vase. I had some areas unglazed on the outside and by the looks of things like darker colors back then-the pots where stoneware as well.
  9. Two glaze firing cooling so soon (Friday)the benches are filled with glazed ware that needs pricing.
  10. Mark C.

    Shimpo-West Wheel- (Bats)

    I'm not sure but those pins look non standard (10) inch centers. How about using a vise grip and removing them and drilling standards bat holes and using standard drilled bats from any ceramic shop.? There has been many a thread on this subject-use the search function while on the home main page.
  11. Mark C.

    New to me New Model A Brent wheel

    See my post on your other thread. Ps no buying or selling on this board-you can PM a person about that but cannot post such things . I do not have just a motor by itself but I answered you about repairing yours locally on your other thread. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Mark C.

    Alternative to Brent motor?

    Brent has gone thru many motor manufacturers. They settled down about 15 year ago and have used the same since that time. The original ones back in the day where blue and you could not access the brushes like you can in the new motors. Also they use 1/4 hp 1/3 hp and 1/2hp and 1 hp and 1.5 hp and maybe a 2? anyway its a mixed bag depending on the model wheel Your best bet is not working at all they Brent but an electric motor shop-all areas have them-they work on motors for industry. Call you electrical wholesaler (use goggle or a local phone book) to fine one near you. They can replace bearings and brushes glue parts back on whatever. If your commutator is fried then it cheaper to buy a whole new motor which most likely is cheaper than a Brent one.The only thing you need is to make sure the new motor has the same size shaft and has a mounting system similar to Brent motors . This motors are all 12 Dc motors My local shop called Industrial Electric replace my older Brent motor bearings on a 1hp older Brent from the 7o's it cost under 70$. That motor was a free upgrade on m,y old model C they fixed back when Brent owned the company in Healdsburg,Ca. before he sold it to Amaco.
  13. The best ones are Flukes-they are bullet proof I have about 4-5 at any given time . The model I like is a Fluke 51 K/J Thermometer This is single kiln use unit(I also have one with two leads for two kilns at once) These are on E-bay all the time.60$ is to much to pay -just wait and find one that is going for less and put the money into shipping it to the UK. Any type K thermocouple will work with this unit. I just picked up one for under 35$-You will need the two prongs lead (its always a yellow plug)and the 6 foot of wire. Often they come with this or you can but it extra on eBay as well.These handle up to 2400 degrees(you do the conversion to Cel) I suggest buying one of these over any cheap knock offs-these are older flukes but once where top of the line. They take a 9volt battery and you get to it by the 4 screws on the back.That battery will last years. I use this eon my 3 gas kilns and an electric.Also any kiln I'm working with or on as I travel. I have turned lots of potters onto this item and that all have been happy.
  14. Mark C.

    Flashing Slips

    I to apply over bisque for my salt slips.No issues
  15. Mark C.

    Woodfiring Clay Bodies

    Laguna clay makes wood and soda clay as well as wood fire B mix. as noted you can just slip coat many bodies so the body is less important .
  16. Send a Pm to (neilestrick) on this site-he will see that right away and respond. He is the moderator on this equipment area so just click on his name on home page to send that message. He is the absolute guy to have every L& L answer for you .
  17. (Your best material is #1 Pottery Plaster from USG. https://www.usg.com/content/usgcom/en/products-solutions/products/industrial-and-specialty/ceramics/usg-no-1-pottery-plaster.html Use their data sheet for mixing instructions located at the bottom of the link above.) Fred is spot on.This is the best for molds.
  18. Mark C.

    Unusual Questions

    This is not the first time a poster vanishes and we wonder what happened .The ocean is big place.
  19. PSC I live in a very wet climate so a good cheap roof is what need -any chance you can fit me in the schedule?whats a few leaks as long as the price is right.
  20. Mark C.

    Cone 6 Firing Schedule- Nerds

    I read this in current issue-congrats Tom
  21. I make my living with small stuff-under $50 mostly.I find folks like to buy smaller items and they add up.. Sure they can buy over 100$ items at my booth but most do not. They want mugs and glasses and sponge holders over the big dollar items.
  22. Mark C.

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    Great work-good weather is always a bonus as well.
  23. The best advice I can give is practice your craft-throw until thats something you can do almost with your eyes closed. Learn to be efficient in motion and moving things the least . Work towards an efficient space for working in-work flow should control the layout if you get that chance. learn about glazes and firing until they are mastered at the same time you are learning to master production throwing I did not start out with this in mind as you are doing-it just happened to me. I never count pots made say in a kiln load as a total-yes I know I have 100 sponge holders in a fire or 150 mugs but never a total. I'm not wired that way-I really do not want to know. I most likely would say wow thats crazy if I counted all those pots. All I do is keep track of the tons per year used and I peaked a few years ago at production and income and am slowing down on a planned schedule slow down.I have no plan that takes me to zero pottery as I like the medium so much. I can say I see day when I'm just making pots for fun not money. I have been fortune enough in life to do something that I really enjoyed and never felt was work until later in life. It has been a bit hard on the body but its been very good for me in terms of a living.It takes a long time to gain traction and good work helps that move ahead faster. Today we unloaded two glaze kilns and packed that into near 10 banana boxes and a few other smaller boxes.My van can hold 75-80 boxes Today I counted up my sponge holders made and priced in boxes of 100 and I have 3 in back stock(300) and started a new box today from two kiln loads -I'm still make them at 50-100 a week. I have 150 spoonrests and need 350 more for a summer show.I like to have those small stuffers in every load or I feel I'm wasting space . I am a space efficient person and wasting kiln space goes against my grain. Start working in series say 12 of this or that at time -trim the same way.It will all fit together.Time is on your side.

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