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  1. Most likely just fine if they are same temp clays odds 90% good
  2. (using the blade of the putty knife to scrape the partial layer (or a clean layer underneath?) yes this- not the other.
  3. There are some other tricks Use a fatter wire(one that is larger in diameter) To make Quick work of what you have on your bottom in photo use a 4 or 5 or 6 inch putty knife-they also clean up bats fast as well as the wheel head These are sold at hardware stores
  4. unloaded two great kiln loads-xmas stock is piling up-Back to working with 5#s of clay now-broken arm is coming along nicely now at 6 weeks .

    1. lgusten


      Good News!!!!  Glad you are mending well!

    2. Rae Reich
    3. Min
  5. With a zone controller -there is no reason for cold spots after some tinkering as Neil said. Also never hurry results-never good outcomes
  6. Mark C.

    Color Of Talc.

    French talk is for cosmetics at 8$ at pound you can see why cosmetics cost so much. No ceramic supplier I know on the west coast carries French talc You can buy it on the web-no telling what its make up is or where its from?
  7. Mark C.

    Slip reclaim

    I only use it to reclaim WET clay no dry trimmings-Porcelain s hard to get right after its dryed without slaking time and hassal. I go thru to much clay to worry about saving dry trimmings-life is short and clay is cheap. I wedge with the power wedger(petter pugger) I mix bodies and adjust moisture content as well as reclaim all wet clay.
  8. Mark C.

    Advice on Kiln I Found

    Yes fire it without black ring-its not needed for cone 6
  9. Mark C.

    Advice on Kiln I Found

    Go get it soon.Great price for a clean kiln
  10. Mark C.

    Triple beam or digital scale?

    I will add I use my triple beam (with tare adjustment)for super small test batches as its more accurate in small test batches. I have owned it since the middle 70's Its true that I'm a production guy who mixes large 10,000 batches every other week. My 1st digital I bought was an Ohaus the next one was from Amazon I would not go back to a triple beam myself-even for small batches I would jus buy a small digital.
  11. Mark C.

    Triple beam or digital scale?

    digital scale all the way I used a triple beam (with tare weight )for 35 years never going back-I now have two digital scales(both will tare weight) They speed up the whole process .Really a time saver.Give up on the triple beams. I buy two of the same identical plastic tubs to use with them.That way you can do colorants and other materials without washing between.
  12. Mark C.

    Studio Floorplan design

    In the professional world-the studio is laid out for workflow. That is clay flows in thru the various work stations (wedging-throwing-trimming) then onto bisque and glaze fires to pricing/packing and put to sales. For hobbist I'm not sure this is as important as the end point is not the same as the qaunities are so much less. Just lay it out for what makes sense to you depending on what you are planning on doing with clay. You can make glazes and still keep it clean.Making your own glazes means you are learning more about the whole process and will have way more control on finished products.
  13. Mark C.

    Skutt 1018 Error 1

    I would credit 250$- 300$ of studio time in trade. You have any idea where all the corrosion is from? Are you in Florida or Hi?
  14. Mark C.

    Skutt 1018 Error 1

    We do not even know what model or age it is? 2 .5 or 3 inch wall 10 years old? what condition are the bricks?More info will be needed for an value thoughts.Neil is the guy for this answer.
  15. Mark C.

    Skutt 1018 Error 1

    Call skutt they can walk you thru it.

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