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  1. The bench is 2,400 miles away now and when I left a month ago it was empty. I will check on it Friday when I get back to see whats turned up.
  2. Glossary addition pls: Mason Stain

    Mason is in the pigment business which includes concrete pools and industrial uses as well as the ceramic industry.Since 1842 You can see the stuff here. http://www.masoncolor.com/ceramic-stains
  3. Salt Kiln Conversion

    Ok todays fire was spectacular -top got hot and salty. All where very happy. The downside is my fiber liner got toasted and was ripped out after unloading. Now the next fire will be just the 3 inchs of coated soft brick.Fiber really even coated does not want to be dumped with salt. I'll post some photos when I have time.
  4. gas kiln.

    Used brick -offer a buck a brick for it all. Condition is everything-do not pay more then 2 bucks. Soft brick will be hard for you to tell what temp they are. Heres the best way- 1st soft bricks (insulation bricks) are rated by a K #s. So K23 are 2300 degree bricks they are smoother surface -most electric kilns if not all except special order are K23 K26 are a little rougher-they are 2600 degree K 28 are very rough and are 2800 degree The bricks when new are in marked boxes You can order them on E-bay from hi-temp for less that you said above in lots of 12 for k23s When building a gas kiln you will pay a lot more to heat a hard brick kiln vs a soft brick kiln. The firebox and flue is the only area you need hard brick as K23 will spall(spall means flake off) over time in these hot spots. Buy the book recommended above by Arnold. The roof will be the hardest part to make.Trust me on this.
  5. Forget the direction switch just move south of the Equator and it will spin the other way.
  6. salt fire came out really nice .

    1. Denice


      Post some photos when you get back.   Denice

  7. PKQotW #42

    2 3 3 4 This is just a guess as I do not have the book or know the project and am supposed to be on salt kiln vacation . Going swimming today for sure.2 days left-Going now to unload slat fire.-Hey Pres you could do a quiz on my salt conversion kiln
  8.  salt fire two is unloading today at 9.30 MolokaI TIME ZONE

  9. gas kiln.

    Since the bricks have stamped names they will most likely work fine. For the lid use at at least 6 inch of #8 fiber that is at least 2300 degree rated as it shrinks-The foil is not needed and just a bad idea in my mind.You can make porcelain buttons like I did in my salt kiln conversion thread that is actively going on here now so you can see the fiber button process. You can also fold the fiber in U shapes (say cut a piece 18inch and fold it in 1/2) and pierce it with stainless rod and flat stock on ends and compress it end to end as I have done-then the lid should be about 9 inch thick and the rod goes thru the middle. The ends are threaded I think insulating bricks are your best choice instead of hard bricks-just use the hard brinks in fire box only-soft bricks elsewhere .I assume this is just a reduction kiln?
  10. Dipping 10" plus plates

    I use a larger shallow plastic tub and hold under by two fingers and touch them up later.
  11. Salt Kiln Conversion

    Fired my second fire today in salt kiln-10am to 8:15 Pm.. Just like last Sunday except the land was only 2 shelves of pots -bigger pots. The kiln took a beating the 1st fire especially the fiver in the firebox areas . I added more fiber -replaced the firebox floor diaper fiber that salt gets dumped on. There are some serious holes in wall fiber now. we will see come Tuesday how the second salt does to interior .Today we fired much slower and did it with less than 10 gallons of propane . It was early sipping gas as it was turned so low. I think the bag walls need to be taller. for better upper flow.I will suggest this this to next crew to fire it.
  12. Kiln Lid Dust

    Do not use kiln wash-They (manufacture) sells a special coating for lids.Kiln wash will flake onto your pots You can watch this on the paragon u-tube site or their site.
  13. New Skutt wheel issues

    I have never sat at a SKutt wheel before and after watching you video I cannot tell a thing about the foot pedal(seems smooth) but the motor or belt is making bad noise for sure. Skutt should be able to straighten this out-Is SSX drive something special ? You're seems to be extra noisy. Call them until they have to deal with it. E-mails are not the way to get results.
  14. Salt kiln firing today on Molokai

  15. Newbie without bentonite

    Yes Babs advice is spot on.

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