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  1. unloading two kilns today and making pots in this weeks heat wave

  2. PQotW: Week 30

    4 3 3 1 spitballing here as I never knew Van Nostrand
  3. No matter what the ship charges are while your are experimenting to find your perfect body it really does not matter. Once you find it then you figure out how its going to get to you in larger quanitys-most suppliers carry a few lines of clay from several manufactures and can order when they order the big order from them. Now I assume you are in Texas-and there should be lots of choices from several suppliers. Since its a hobby you have lots of time to figure this out and dial it in.Making your own clay is not for the weak of heart.
  4. (If you want consistent, craze free results, you will save yourself a load of work and headache just buying a few boxes of different clays and trying out your desired glaze set on them. ) Tyler said it spot on.
  5. maybe your supplier can order a few others to try-if not have another supplier send to you in the if it fits its ships flat rate boxes that fit two pugs (50$ for the flat rate of 19$) then have your supplier order that clay that works for you.This is all if you live in the US since I do not know where your location is>?Just be sure your body works well before you have a ton made.
  6. repairing grenware?

    let us know if that works???
  7. I use wax for resisting glaze on footed forms (hand waxing) and hot dip paraffin for flat bottom forms. I also use latex resit for glaze resist work mostly for black and copper red glazed pots. I paint the latex on dip or pour the black-peel the latex and brush red in that space. I like to resist stupidity -seems its starting to spread on a larger scale nowadays -nuff said on that.
  8. I cannot address cone 6 bodies at all(since I use cone 10 bodies) but I can say using a commercial body is about 1000 times easier for a hobbist-I suggest you just experiment with a few until you find one you are happy with. If you are going to make one -I assume you have a mixer and a vacuum pug mill or a all in one unit like a petter pugger? If that's a yes than making a body in small quantities makes a bit of sense.
  9. Well doing shows far away can have advantages. My last show was 1000 miles away in another state. Since I knew this show date about one year in advance I tried to pack in some other errands along the way. This can make the show trip way more efficient. I always have a medium wholesale order twice a year from a pottery gallery near Hearst castle in California so I planned on dropping this order ($2,500) at another potters place who lives near and who also takes pots to this place. I also had a Doctor’s appointment in San Francisco (once a year). As a side note my sister lives near Santa Barbara (Summerland) and my nephew Aki was getting married the weekend after show. I was able to pack and drop wholesale order after show on return trip. Spent 5 days working on wedding things (grunt worker) stringing 1000 paper cranes –stacking off venue on beach for 150 guests-taking the chilled sake to venue as well as the glassware’s and table cloths. Made custom sake sets –cups and flasks for both bride and groom and their families for keepsakes. Spent 7 days in Summerland and swam in am in ocean before breakfast. My wife flew down midweek and helped and we drove north after wedding via SF for doctor. Last day was heading thru fire zone in north bay area. Saw helicopters and super tankers dropping fire retardant. Traffic was slow-still working hard on fire suppression in Napa and Sonoma and Mendocino counties. The drive was a tad over 2000 miles. I had a solid show 2 day with 273 customers spending an average of $28.00. Now it’s back to xmas production. Playtime is over.
  10. Firing two glaze fires today-seem like it was only a few days ago but its been two weeks

  11. The BUSINESS of Pottery

    I am currently expanding to more wholesale as I slow down on shows.Its more making and less of the final price-My two wholesale deals are 40% and 35%.very similar to old school consignment deals. I also have one that is 50% of final price
  12. Table top fountain design

    I have made many a fountain and all where portable. The cord goes over the top.
  13. Another glaze day in am

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      Nice! When do you break for holiday? 

  14. Reducing thermal conductivity

    Handles work best for HOT fluids-its a fact-all the other solutions for me are lesser. Yes handles are More work and cost more etc but they work the best. The silicone sleeve is a good compromise but its all a compromise without a handle for HOT stuff.
  15. learning to post photos

    Ya you are back-and your photos work