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  1. Doc You have it right about stoneware being easier to throw . Porcelain is denser tighter particle size. Its stronger but harder to work with. Coating with porcelain slip is a compromise as stated by others as the glaze is not exactly the same as a pure porcelain body (most likely offgassing). Porcelain has no iron in it . If you want large pots go ahead and coat them,I'm sure they will work good enough.
  2. I'll try to take some photos in coming weeks of my buttons and gaskets as I'm fibering a old oval electric at my workshop on Molokai before its killed with salt.
  3. Peter Pugger VPM 20SS

    The cost between the VMSS 9 and the VMSS 20 is about 500$ and the capacity is so much larger . Its resale will fit more users as well.
  4. Chimney Entrance Reduction

    Flue exits work best if they mimic a Venturi for the same effects-that is they speed up the flue gas. In Lou Nils Books the art of firing he outlines this really well and I have used his double Venturi in my salt kiln stack-it has the flue Venturi and another one part way up the stack. Lots books are more modern thinking than the older Olsen . Both will make your stack draw better but Lots will make it even more so. The down side is do not make the flue to small-if its to big its easy to add bricks to make it smaller later.
  5. The upstairs is going to be a killer over time as Joseph mentioned. I'm not a fan of clay in the house for the dust issues brought up.Stairs will get old fast. Mea works in the basement which is better than the upstairs by a long shot. The garage is about 1000% better solution -You just need to figure the heat issue out.You can move all your garage items into the bonus room then your garage is a clay studio. The floor is wrong the ventilation is wrong the dust issue is wrong. In the garage all this is almost non issue. Just change your shoes and do not wear them into house. My 2 cents .
  6. Dropped off work at 5 outlets yesterday-only two more to cover before the tropics-I'm taking the lead that Pres started.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      by this time of winter I am envious. My arms are aching from the snow shoveling. Enjoy the Tropics.



  7. This will be later in March- after the 3rd-Dates still up in the air. Will be converting an large oval electric to a salt kiln. Element and all electrics are ripped out.Its the last use for this old kiln. Will coat with fiber and spray with my coating . Shelve the bottom with mullite. Up in the air on updraft or downdraft as ceramic materials are far and few between on this sleepy Island of 5,000.I favor down drafts but have no bricks for the stack-Most l.ikely cut a hole in lid. and use a piece of stove pipe is we can find one. Should get some fires out of this before it self destructs. Plan on one salt fire while on Island myself.Last time I did this the results where great. I'll fill in the dates when I know them. markC
  8. Glazing interior of cruets

    (A question for anyone: Stoneware clay fired to cone 6 vitrifies, correct?) is this cone 6 clay? if yes then it may or may not. I would glaze all interiors made for liquids period. Better product better results. stronger better if glazed on all sides.
  9. May want to wear your flip flops to this event.
  10. Peter Pugger VPM 20SS

    You will like the machine after you use it awhile . The factory is about 3 hours from me and I toured it once. They have made these for over 3 decades and have constantly improved the products. I think you can deal direct with them-or at least they drop ship it to you.
  11. yep- synthetic chamois work the same only cheaper.
  12. Peter Pugger VPM 20SS

    Yes I can advise I have the VPM 30 which is not stainless. I have a friend with a VPM 9 and its to small for most anyone as it holds so little you need to run it thru twice. I have been around two of the VPM 20s Only one was the stales ss model-They are at an art center that I volunteer evey few years and I will be there in about a week as its mid pacific on an Island. They process white clay in one and brown clay in the non ss model. They are a good size machine-I feel the right size for most people. The 30 is the right size for me as I'm a production potter-I just wish it was SS as I work in Porcelain only. The 20SS is as large as they can get into their C&C machine with a solid block of stainless In my view this is the best combo machine on the market and clay has been my life for over 40 years. I will add that I have not been around any of the Bailey Machines only these Peter Puggers and the Shimpos and the Australian luggers and of course the funky bluebirds.
  13. I posted a how to make buttons post a few years ago or at least had a photo of some various homemade types-also make a fiber gasket out of thiner fiber a round piece of fiber-that way your nichrome wire laster longer.
  14. Art Fairs with Ceramics

    Yes he worked with Cardew-I noticed his name in Studio Potter article On Cardew from a list of apprentices. I talked to him about that over the phone and had studio potter mail him that issue as a surprise gift . He had very lucky students I'm sure of that.
  15. Glaze kiln is cooling for an afternoon unload-next glaze will be in late March-big break


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