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      Ceramic Arts Network is looking for two new forum moderators for the Clay and Glaze Chemistry and Equipment Use and Repair sections of the Ceramic Arts Network Community Forum. We are looking for somebody who is an active participant (i.e. somebody who participates on a daily basis, or near daily) on the forum. Moderators must be willing to monitor the forum on a daily basis to remove spam, make sure members are adhering to the Forum Terms of Use, and make sure posts are in the appropriate categories. In addition to moderating their primary sections, Moderators must work as a team with other moderators to monitor the areas of the forum that do not have dedicated moderators (Educational Approaches and Resources, Aesthetic Approaches and Philosophy, etc.). Moderators must have a solid understanding of the area of the forum they are going to moderate (i.e. the Clay and Glaze Chemistry moderator must be somebody who mixes, tests, and has a decent understanding of materials). Moderators must be diplomatic communicators, be receptive to others’ ideas, and be able to see things from multiple perspectives. This is a volunteer position that comes with an honorary annual ICAN Gold membership. If you are interested, please send an email outlining your experience and qualifications to jharnetty@ceramics.org.

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  1. Are these ^6 wadding?

    There has been a lot on wading here -just search the whole forum for this topic. my wading is EPK and alumina 50/50 with a dab of water.
  2. PQotW: Week 37

    I never read the book-I do not think I own the book .But the subject matter is right up my alley
  3. Leaving glazed pieces unfired

    I fired some pots my wife made in collage-after 30 years-got the dust off them (washed them) and they worked fine.Her sister had found them after all those years.They where bisque .
  4. Soda Firing Questions

    Can you tell me where your aluminum beads came from? Mark
  5. Soda Firing Questions

    winter weather means run water over tank and lines to keep from freezing.It only take a trickle.
  6. Glazes That Break

    Ron They now make safer fiber and its marketed as that.Check out eBay for this. As to 4#-6 #and 8# thats the density number. You pay more for denser material which is also a but heaver . Raku kilns that are low temp you can use 4-6 # but high fire hot face should always be 8#.-Fiber hazards need to be looked and and addressed . Just as clay makes dust which is a silica hazard.
  7. Electric kiln hard wire connection just gave out after 15-20 years. I had to replace the metal box and rewire the connections.Minor setback of a few hours for a parts run

  8. Soda Firing Questions

    I have this book as well. Its great book for us salt folks.
  9. Soda Firing Questions

    I feel soda is more harmful than salt but its almost like a chevy vs ford deal
  10. Go time in the pottery world for me-every outlet needs pots NOW. I'm making my rounds today after setting up my booth wit h pots.

    1. Min


      Yuppers! 3 shops today, pots for another shipped out last Wed. Good luck with your annual winter booth at your local spot. 

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Looks to be a good season for us all.

  11. Soda Firing Questions

    I buy metal measuring cups-that have handles and are very cheap. I wire them to a steel rebar rod-the fuming eats them up so life is short..
  12. Soda Firing Questions

    If I had that kiln in photos I would salt it. Porcelain is just to white -make up some colored slips-You can apply hen pots are wet or we apply on bisque ware a lot with zero issues. consider fuming them as well. Nothing looks as good as fumed porcelain.You will need to read up on all the safety stuff involved with fuming.
  13. setting up my Christmas booth this afternoon in town-pots go in  the  booth  in am

  14. Soda Firing Questions

    We spray our soft bricks almost every fire with the thinest coat possible .You will Kill your kiln doing this-just so you can plan on that and be aware of this -once a salt kiln always a salt kiln. I myself like salt pots more than soda as they seem more dynamic surfaces. I like soda pots but they are more subtle surfaces to me.I think the salt will eat your kiln sooner than soda as well.
  15. Soda Firing Questions

    The mug in bottom of salt kiln on lower right is porcelain-without much slip-its very plain as you can see.This is a fire from some years back-this kiln is hard nick soft brick and fiber.

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