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  1. Mark C.


    Harry has not visited this board since Jan 23rd 2017 . You could PM him and maybe get an answer.
  2. My sink is a 1/1/2 inch drain line going into a two tub setting system-the last tub has a 50 foot rubber garden hose plumbed into the side of that tub that takes the finished water away to whatever I want watered.
  3. I would cast a two step water trap with removable buckets-the 1st one would drain into the next one. Both can be lifted out for dumping.Make sure you have a few spare buckets the right size in case they stop making them in the future. I have that system with larger tubs outside. I drain the clay into boxes from the 1st trap and let them dry in sun and toss them in trash. The second trap rarely needs cleaning -that water then goes to my bamboo patch-yours can flow into sewer .
  4. Mark C.

    cadmium red

    A little note on ceramic history . Back in the 40/50s they used radioactive material in Fiesta ware dinnerware in the orange color glaze-we later learned it was not good for us humans . When I started my ceramic career 45 years ago lead was the major flux in most low fire glazes-and most house paints-now we know it not good for us. Same deal with cadmium -its in the same category -we know its not good for us. You can choose to deal with all these materials still but precautions need to be taken. We have learned things as we evolve. Its up to us to use that knowledge wisely . I have some Pins in my pin collection with cadmium glaze on them from the 70's.They are for wearing on ones clothing.Not a big hazard.
  5. A few notes The baileys I'm sure is a good solid machine-never seen one but they make good stuff. I have one of their electric slab rollers which Bailey was famous for making the best slab rollers 35 years ago and still does. Petter Pugger was also famous for making mixer pugger/mixer 35 years ago-thats all they make to this day mostly.So you can imagine that have it down very well.The machine is built like a tank.The only thing that will wear out is an O-ring. The baileys are of a more traditional pug mill only shape thats why they are longer. The PP is a bit more compact as the mixer section of the barrel is larger (better for mixing) hence a shorter machine. As to making or loosing the vacuum it only takes seconds to get it back again with the PP. I'm a PP fan but also know you can not go wrong with a Bailey.
  6. Mark C.

    Glaze Ingredient Storage

    I'm guessing they are brittle and crack over time-or at least the ones did that store my dive gear in. I have about 8 of them and about 1/2 the lids are cracked. The rubbermaid lids are holding up well with dive gear.At this point I keep my materials in the original bags. Maybe when I get serious I will invest in some solid bins. Actually I'm thinking about some rolling tall containers for some larger stuff in 50% to clean up my glaze area some. The dog ones look pretty good Fred.
  7. Lets see, I do not think ceramic dog poop counts-I made some in collage with the high maganesse dark brown clay -its out in the yard still. How about a truck with donut tires-and a SLA license plate from the early 70's?More political sculpture than a toy. I do not think I have made a toy yet?
  8. Mark C.

    Creative Industries Pottery Wheels

    I would think twice on zero support on old wheel. I have one of their wheels that is only the table-it has no parts on it only a rectangle table.Sits next tom my Brent and holds my bats and clay when throwing. Solid table.
  9. Mark C.

    Fast Firing

    Glazes respond to time and temperature .Not just a set point like cone 6 end point That said a cone 6 at 5 hours will look a lot different than a cone 6 at 9 hours. The glaze has no maturing time in a fast fire. You just found the out with your fast fire.
  10. Mark C.

    Old Alpine Conversion

    Instead of wrapping I favor the sheet metal shield. The pipe will not corrode that way and its all out in the open for inspection. The other suggestion is painting the pipes with high heat silver paint-comes in a spray can is aluminum colored and really reflects heat well. It holds up super well to high heat situtaions.I spray all my gas lines close to kilns with it. Hensells hardware sells it in paint Dept. I also spray all my kiln metal work with it before the rust sets in.It protects for decades.
  11. Mark C.

    Creative Industries Pottery Wheels

    Speedball bought them out and parts for the older models will be hard to find-you can call them and ask about this. They make the newer clay boss models now.
  12. Good luck with the show -glad to hear you are doing them . Mark
  13. Mark C.

    Most used sieve size?

    I have two Talisman sieves-with a set of all the screens. I also have one of their mini screens in an 80 for test batches as well as many 12 inch metal rings and a few plastic/brass screens-I mostly only use the Talismans with 80 mesh in them-my original is made from aluminum before they went to plastic. I have wore out two sets of bushings and many sets of brushes-I keep spares of course.I visited the Talisman shop/factory when I was in New Zealand in the 90's and bought a slew of parts back then. I could not do what bi do in the same time frame without this tool.Thge other key to using one is having a flexible short hose on your washout sink to clean this tool-my is silicone rubber 3/4 inch hose on the long pipe above my special wash out sink in studio.It a joy to wash it up with the right setup.
  14. No commercials -only CDs I have so no junk tunes. Must have tunes I have a radio but it used less than .005% of time
  15. Mark C.

    Most used sieve size?

    I own them all-30-40-50-60-80-100-120 I now only use my 80 mesh-80 is all you really need.

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