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  1. Hump and Slump Molds

    Thanks Neil for that clarifacation as thats is what I meant by that soap comment.
  2. Hump and Slump Molds

    If you go to the trouble to make molds use 1# pottery plaster-mold soap can act as a release as well. Cement will have its own drawbacks and the cost is not much different than quality plaster . Never used cement as a mold surface-its great to wedge on. Its more weight than dried plaster and will hold water longer. This maybe reinvent the wheel stuff and I have yet to see square wheels work better than round ones. Let us know how the cement works-it could be the next new thing?
  3. Wedging Table Design...

    Up against a wall-the best
  4. wet sponge and wipe wheel is all I have ever done in the last 45 years-Its always worked. Never seen black oxide on a wheel head-alumunum will for an oxide coating over time but its not black. Any wheel -all wheels are made to get wet and be sponged off.
  5. I'm least fond of the paperwork side of the business-getting it all down on the books and ready for my accountant.Tracking and paying sales tax for my state-royal pain second is booking hotels. I used to spend two months away now it's down to 15-16 days for 3 shows Glazing and firing is what I like best-I'm a fire potter not a mudder like most. second is a tie between selling pots to 250 people a day that are very happy to get the work and the feeling I have leaving a city in my van after a great show with large bag of money and feeling I have the tiger by the tail.I cannot express that great feeling of being king until daily life kicks me in the head.
  6. Kiln brick question

    When you are moving those bricks-please post some of the stamped names on them for me. Since most of my bricks are from the west coast I would like to learn some east coast -or midwest names. I have some classics like Jaybfine-empire-stockton
  7. Kiln brick question

    Rebekah Go buy those bricks I enlarged your photo and they have stamped names on them -meaning they are high fire bricks -buy them ALL. There are a few different stamps from that photo but its all good -go get them NOW-call the dude back and say they are sold you are com ing to get them. Mark
  8. I have never noticed this vibration on my wood floor with my 5 Brent wheels I just had new bearing pressed in to one of my brents and It does not vibrate like your s did. The shimpo is very smooth but lacks high end torque (I have used these as demo wheels while giving workshops)it also very quiet.
  9. Goggle Hamada and there are some videos that you can view-this above post made me hungry to see some. Hey Sputty-that was verging on mean -whats not to like I would say not being able to see the video was one of the no like things. You one lucky dog to be able to view the content
  10. Indie and go fund me efforts

    I'm not a crowdfunder-I have never really liked crowds We have given Money -pottery-time into the things we believe in-crowdfunding is just not one of them.
  11. Using Albany slip

    I have a 50# bag of hot and would wait to fire it at cone 9-11 m myself but I'm a reduction person. I can give you a few high fire recipes if you want to use it that way. I know nothing about using it at cone 6 except you will need a flux as it melts well at cone 9.
  12. Kiln brick question

    I would need to see the bricks-this new format is easy to post photos I think Post some quality images of the whole brick as well as the name on front. Make sure of the dimensions -are they 2.5x 4.5 x9 inch?
  13. Gas Kiln Auction

    You will need a forklift with any alpine kiln as they weigh a ton.