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  1. Mark C.

    Studio Photography

    Neither-I rarely shoot good pottery photos these days.But if I did it is with the graduated background These days I just use my phone and take a shot of some pots for distant return customers . The other day it was a bunch of colors of soup mugs that day before it was 8 mugs-then the customer picks out of the photo what they want and I ship it out. I have a package of 5 mugs to Ohio and and one with 4 soup mugs to so-cal now waiting until Dec 26th to go out(UPS is brutal on stuff right now)
  2. Mark C.

    Architectural Tile

    Your back does not forget the past -your hands also recall that time-Tom
  3. Mark C.

    Architectural Tile

    Some other tile facts. many years ago (the 90's) I was looking for commercial tile in Los Angeles area for an addition (was in the area on a boat hunt). There was an industrial area that had about 2 dozen tile outlets and I spent that day looking thru them. I learned that commercial tile is graded. For example you need harder more durable tile on floor in a BMW dealer showroom than say on the wall at a Mexican restaurant . I ended up with a grade 5 tile that has the same color all the way thru it for my laundry room and mud room and spare bathroom floors. Also smaller grout lines for easy cleaning.Those are 1 foot squares.Laid over a cement floor with a moisture barrier under.They have also been rock solid-I paid a pro to do that job-she did excellent work and long ago was a potter as well.
  4. With all the electric questions of late I thought this one on what size plug to use may help some folks again. Now with a Big Kiln you need a Big Plug.This plug takes three big persons to put it in the socket at least 4 to get it out. Notice the power tower so amps is of No issue.Any other electric issues Neil is your go to guy on this board but I'm good with the big stuff as seen here.
  5. Mark C.

    Architectural Tile

    Around these parts all tile installers use thin set to adhere tile to backer board.We are in the backwoods on many things Some use additives in the thin set depending on applications . I will add when I made my stoneware shower stall tiles and threw a sink to match and also covered the sink area and backslash with same tiles -custom made the the sink surround tiles to fit the forms. These where cone to stoneware . I at that time had only watched 27 bathrooms going in on a job I was working as an electrician in =the historic Benbow INN. I wired all those bathrooms and watched the tile guys and talked story to gain experience in tile setting. I used backboard and thin set at that time-no loose tile in all these years. I installed these in 1983 and they still to this day are looking good and working well. At that time(1983) I installed a new deep cast iron tub which will need replacing before any tile issues come up. Custom tile work was fun at that time-its behind me now as tile weighs A ton and only speciality tile is worth making as foreign tile is so cheap. I would make it for myself only these days.I now have a power slab roller which would make Quick work out of it. You can see this sink at some tub walls here on this thread from some years back-its held up really well.I made many with overflows and some without for myself .
  6. Mark C.

    Studio Photography

    I have a large 3 foot cube-they are cheap-I think B&H sells them as well as here https://www.amazon.com/2090-Perfect-Softbox-Backgrounds-Photography/dp/B000UCEUQI/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1544915599&sr=8-17&keywords=portable+photo+cube I know you need them from a Canadian source for import duty issues.The large cubes shoot all size products. I have the lights similar to your link and use them with my large cube.I think they are an over kill. For a cube just get some color matched bulbs and put them in cheap clamp on metal reflector sockets.I think thats the cheapest option and it will work well.
  7. Mark C.

    Need advice on recently purchase kiln

    (Me, I would recommend selling these kilns and get a kiln that works for the type of pottery you plan to do.) This is good advice.
  8. Mark C.

    Glazed over holes

    First lets start at fixing the issue before its an issue-once the tree is glaze find the right size drill bit to hand ream the glaze out of the hole before its fired-do not worry about a bare spot inside the hole-get all the glaze out.I often used a needle tool to work the outside glaze near the hole down. Just insert a needle tool and spin that around in a larger arc to remove some glaze thickness near the hole edge. I made pincushions for 4 decades that had small holes so I have lots of experience in this field. The small hole dilemma . Use the largest bit that fits through the hole with your finger ream the hole of all glaze. This will cure 99% of all clogged holes. The diamond Dremel bit is the best but it takes tons of time and patience .These is no shortcuts. That why I want to you to do the reaming of all glaze before firing.Its the only way to make this work easy. Often fixing glazed over holes is just not worth it. Toss them and make new trees and do the cleanup on the front end of job so you do not have to drill them out which is prone to breakage and heartbreak as well as time suck. One last note-its easier to add a small wood handle to that drill bit for hand use if you are doing a lot of this glaze hole reaming. I made one as I cleaned many hundreds of holes over the decades.
  9. Mark C.

    Selling Large Work vs Small Work

    I make my living selling small stuff-everyone can afford to use the items-its also very easy to sell them.I'm not spending a lot of time on decoration but most do not care about that.
  10. Mark C.

    How about an Olympic DD-30?

    (Turns out fiber is fragile) yes it is of sure. I suggest not blowing things up-maybe bisque in another kiln n and only glaze fire in the fiver kiln .
  11. Mark C.

    Studio Photography

    Min I use Daylight balanced 5000K bulbs like these used in these stands- https://www.amazon.com/Table-Top-Studio-Light-Kit/dp/B002PNEDFS My stands are more like these as they have fabric silver reflectors https://www.amazon.com/Linco-Lincostore-Photography-Lighting-Seconds/dp/B01DILO2VK/ref=sr_1_14?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1544771912&sr=1-14&keywords=table+top+light+stands+with+reflectors You can buy just the lights alone -they are called top spiral 30 watt 5000k -you can also get other wattages but the 5000k is the m=balance you want Same with my underwater strobe lights-they are all 5000k as well. https://www.amazon.com/CowboyStudio-Fluorescent-Daylight-Balanced-Bulb/dp/B001ML011Y/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1544771782&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=top+spiral+30+watt+5000k+bulbs You can find them a bit cheaper looking around the web as well-most of this stuff is called table top studio or table top photography . I use them with light cube -B&H photo has most of this tuff as well-may be cheaper on Amazon or flea bay I bought mine long ago( decades now)and have since added a few extra lights-I do not use the stuff much anymore as I'm not trying to get into anything anymore.Every few years I will shoot some stuff for sale and its great for that.Sold all my old film cameras and lens and a ton of underwater housings and gear taking photos in that setup.I tend to do this after xmas ion my off time as I downsize some stuff in life. When the light is 5000k it looks like this underwater
  12. Mark C.

    Oxyprobe Axner vs Bailey

    Nice cone 10 vase-I really like it
  13. Mark C.

    Alumina Hydrate or Oxide

    My guess is as everyone has said Alumina Hydrate and it will not matter. I like to dip my wax sponge (smaller cut sponge piece)in a small bowl of powder Then apply to touch points between where ware touch.I find it settles out of wax pretty fast.
  14. Mark C.

    Cleaning kiln shelves

    Dan-what type of kiln shelves are these? are they yellow color or silicon carbide-dark color or the something else (a photo will help) also what thickness are they? The bench grinder will work but its easier and leaves a flatter surface with a 4 inch masonry disc on a small hand grinder. I have a few posts on this subject if you use the search function at the top right of Main page Here are the types
  15. Mark C.

    Oxyprobe Axner vs Bailey

    Bill is this art center or a school/collage situation?

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