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  1. Glaze day Monday-bisque is candling now-one burner

  2. Keep the white clays (porcelains) seperated from the stonewares. stonewares slake better than porcelains Keep the cone 6 away from tyhe cone 10 clays as well. Big glaze fit mess if you mix these two up
  3. I have a few homemade throwing sticks for adding belly to large pots. I do not do large pots much anymore. Custom wood tools are the best ones
  4. setfireing underglazes as noted above is the cure for sure. I recall this from collage in low fire class in 1973.
  5. Working on a kiln load -bowls mugs and glasses so far. Been doing remodel work mixed in . Helping my sheet rock finisher and getting ready for new windows and the flooring guy on the 15th. Moved out of bedroom June 1st-sheet rock mud will be done on Friday -then painting before wide plank maple hardwood floors
  6. Most propane kilns use hard piping betwen the tank and the the kiln-If its underground-our local propane company uses copper lines to get close(underground) then steel pipe topside to kiln.If its all topside then steel pipe is the way to go-also its usually smaller diameter as propane is higher presures than natural gas .Say 3/4 pipe size .
  7. The bigger the form the thicker the walls need to be to absorb the water.so what size of the form are we talking about??? I used to slip thousands of 5 inch tall aroma therapy lamps the molds where about1.5 inches to 2 thick in all directions.
  8. I know very little of cone 6 bodies Cone 10-for me is all laguna clay odies Daves porcelain Babu porcealain 50/50 porcelain for stone ware its salt kiln stuff for me as I do not do reduction stoneware. just about any iron bearing clay is great-even woodfire B-mix works in salt considere yourself covered in mud as adeep uncover op.
  9. My van holds 70 boxes when full-just did a one day show zero breakage-unlaoded about 60 boxes for show and repacked them as some where partials.
  10. Run that glaze in a blender at full speed for a few minutes then seive-then galze the pots. It looks more like the surface of vthe moon arew you sure thats not a luner photo???I think I see a little flag off to the side ?
  11. If I was a planter maker I'd be at the home and Garden shows -heck I know some 2 D art folks who do well at those shows. They are in every major city on west coast. As you can see from Zapp app there are SD show as well-but your product is more specialized than most pottery so the garden shows may be a better fit. I wholesale to some shops that are 12 hours away from me-They either meet me 1/2 way or they arange for closer drops for me and get the wares from family members . I take pots twice a year to Santa Rosa Ca, to a Harmony Ca, Gallery owners brothers house and he gets them sent down(driven by family) over a few months. That order is now over 5 K a year so thats a lots of stuff that I would never pack and ship. I have sent large orders Via UPS as far away as Vermont to another shop owner who had a business nearby and moved away to vermont but still wanted my stuff-she paid uop toi have it shipped-staright wholesale on both these acounts. The thing is they both know that if thay buy whatever they will double their money. Over time you make the conections and that business just flows in,both these owners approched me not the other way around. Ther are lots of work arounds if the business is good. My harmony gallery is the best business I have ever dealt with.I get the check as soon as I drop the pots off no matter where that is orv when he gets them.Nobody ever has done that. He may not get them for another month. He orders twice a year.. He once was a potter so he geats the deal.Best business person I have delt with. It started with sponge holders-he sells a few hundred of mine a year-now its about 7 forms mixed in as well. I have offered him limited forms at the start and time went by as I aged out of shows I have offered him more forms and they all sell well for him. You just needd toi decide what venues woirks best for you and there is no way to learn except by trying them.It takes time. I personally knew of a show or two in SD and some very close by to you in the desert . My all time best shows where a 20 hoiur drive for me and It took days to get there and back-I did them for 25 straight years twice a year (Tempe AZ) I gave them up 3 years ago.Its niot all about $ anymore for me. I think finding your market always takes time-most folks give up when the shows turn out sour or wholesale seems like drudgery .I us d to never wholesale and now its 40-50% for me. I have flexed with markets and my own likes.I still love the personal customer feed back but the few bad idiots at show can take a toll as well. Just stick with it try new markets.Some good advice has already been given in above posts
  12. I can remember mix clay in collage (as a work sgtudy student job) and it was so dusty we had to leave the shed until it cleared out-there where no dust masks in the early 70's like today or at least they where not provided. I hold no ill will on the school as tnose where simpler times and since then endless lawsuits are now the mainstay-so folks cannot do things whutout running it thru legal first. Dust we know its not good so just practice good contol methods. Now I have studio central vac stsyem and a aiedust cleaner for the studio air-all uinheard of in the start of my carreer as a potter.If I die from silicosis its my fault but I;'m not worring about it as we all come to and end. I lost a close friend to a lung disease and know a bit about them and as I stated by the time you get diagonosed you are most likey toast.
  13. I think he is in PA as he posted 724 area code in his other post-I think he missed the #4 key and hit the #3 by mistake.
  14. Min I do not think they can give any earliy exposure details-only show in advanced states.The lung difusion test gives you a number on how your lungs are elastic compared to others in your age group. I'm not saying those other tests cannot aid the diagnose they can. All the lung diseases are hard to get any early detection. I read about the lung difusion test in a tarde journal for workers in silica exposure situations -more sever than potters.Most lung deaseases are terminal by the time the patient learns they have one.That becuase the tests are not that good yet.Or thats what My doctor told me.It's also what I read as well. I have also had the chest xray but it was for other issues to rule out I tend to hear more about toxic clay dust from folks now than say 30 years ago-I think people are over thinking the exposure. Just a few simple precautions .
  15. I have been subjected to silica dust for 45 years-some of that time it was heavy. You are being crazy about such a small time exposure . There are no tests for silicosis -the scans you mention will not show you anything about the clay dust. If you are serious about your lungs as I am have a lung diffusion test.Mopst never need this test. This test tells you how your lungs are processing air. You see when you get a silicosis or black lung or asbestos diagnosis you are toast at that point and there are no tests until you have it. NONE. nThe lung diffusion test is the only test that tells you where you stand to others in your age group. I had one at age 55 and had the lungs of a 45 year old (I'm a diver and use my lungs under presure so they get worked out more than say landlubber topsiders). I am scheduled for a lung diffusion test later this year to check up after 10 years ago test. Clay dust since 2015 is not worth thinking about in my opinion . ( Am I being too neurotic) YES you are
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