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  1. I have never seen any metal hold up long at cone 10. My still pliers turned into a melted mess. The above post is your only option. If you find a product that does better than the Nichrome wire let us know as this question has been asked a lot .At cone 10 the largest gauge of wire will fail after a dozen fires.
  2. Mark C.

    Flint or Quartz? (uk suppliers)

    Fint/silica all the same as Neil says-only difference is the mesh -Often sold as 200 mesh or 325mesh I always use 325 as the melt is better in my glazes.
  3. Mark C.

    How to cut a kiln shelf in half?

    Karate masters can cut them in 1/2 as well-cuts them like butter and cinder blocks
  4. Mark C.

    How to cut a kiln shelf in half?

    Wet diamond for sure-make several (3-4) shallow passes not all at once. Buy a cheap diamond blade or two at harbor freight . You can mail order these as well.Be patient while cutting.
  5. Doc slip trailing is very similar so check out that as well.
  6. Just buy some lube made for this process-its cheap enough https://www.axner.com/pure-lube.aspx or you can struggle with corn starch and olive oil or wd 40 or whatnot also picking the right forms also helps as not all forms can be cast well.
  7. How could I find the name of the guy in the Pacific Northwest that is doing the acrylic like flow glazing? My results so far are quite mediocre and I could use whatever guidance I could get from him

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My old dentist bought some of his plates in a gift shop in Cannon Beach Or.-she has since moved to Idaho. I also saw his work at a show I was at 10 years ago-

      You can add acrylic binder as MMR said or do it with colored slips as in thew video

      Even if you found this artist he may not be willing to share Doc-not all are open to that idea  of sharing info.

    2. Gabby


      There is an Oregon Potters Association and a Washington State ceramics association as well. You might contact them.

      The Oregon association has a very large show in April, more than 100 potters, I think. There are probably illustrated rosters.


  8. Mark C.

    Hudson River Clay

    Many of those found local clays will need additives to raise the temps to make them work at higher tempos like cone 6 or 10.
  9. Mark C.

    Plaster for wedging table

    Cement board is for backing tile surfaces and goes by many brands-durarock-hardie backer etc. Its at those big box stores.Comes in various sizes.
  10. Mark C.

    Plaster for wedging table

    I think hydracal is tougher surface-but as Neil say it will work fine. I agree about making it that large it will be really heavy . My slabs of plaster are not wrapped in wood anymore as I removed them so the slabs dry out better after absorbing wet clay. Something to consider in a tight table like that.
  11. Mark C.

    Plaster for wedging table

    #1 pottery plaster is the best -not sure why the hyrodcal? I have a huge table but its my living-its really two separate tables for white and brown clays-they are separate . I would divide your table in at least two if not three sections with a 1x4 or 2x6 whatever fits best to be even with the top. Make your pours in those sections-get some help and mix a few buckets at the same time then pour a section. Just to remind you that table will be extremely heavy to move.Mine never moves-ever
  12. He does it with slips at high fire (cone 10). I cannot tell you how but MMR suggestions is where I would start.
  13. There is a guy in The pac Northwest that does this on all his work. Sort of hike the kids spinning art plates at fairs.A little goes a long ways.
  14. Mark C.

    Plaster for wedging table

    No its not as good as #1 pottery plaster-go get it at a ceramics store. Not a big box store-not the same or as good.
  15. There are no worldwide standards that I'm aware of. A school class is always worth it for gained knowledge if the instructor is good one.

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