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  1. Mudpuddle

    red underglaze

    Hello again, I must say thank you so much! to all of you who took your time to respond to my questions. I was not expecting so many thoughtful and helpful replies. Both Stroke and Coat, and Coyote advise that 10 is not an issue. Some suppliers say cone 6 so I went to the mfg. Still need to look into Spectrum possibilities. I could swear I got a no from Amaco maybe a month ago...........I think........... I plan to order several of the reds just to see.........they will be accents. And the pieces nonfunctional. Min it is great to understand the inner working of the impossible satin matt clear. Sheesh. I had a hole in my bucket and never even saw it! LOL Underfired, adding clay, and cooling...... watch for clouding........... All of your ideas have given me much to consider. Oh, and guys thanks for your concern about my firing methods and choices . However you just don't realize that in DC I have daily opportunities to reduce to cone 9 or 10, or even occasionally do a wood firing. It is a pain to bubblewrap a carload of bisque to haul to a burn, but I ain't giving it up! Switching to cone 6 would not work. I will be sure to let you all know my outcomes. I suspect I will try several directions at once, as usual. Thanks again. Off to strain, read or throw!
  2. Mudpuddle

    red underglaze

    Hi all. Took a pottery hiatus for a long while. Now I am back and pulling together an approach that might actually work for me. Instead of pursuing gas firing co-ops that are across town or even out of town, I plan to use Standard 257 porcelain and stains in my electric kiln. So that gets me to 2 questions. I tried mason stains ..... 40 in all last week. All were great except the reds. They were pink. Beautiful pinks but certainly not red. (zinc and calcium were not an issue here) Can anyone suggest an actual red underglaze cone 9-10? Fire engine red? What about inclusion stains? Anyone tried this and found success? Coyote has one they say is smashing at cone 10. Anyone tried it? Next question is interesting as I do not have a strong glaze formulation background. I want a cone 9 transparent clear satin mat or satin glaze. I have found many low fire and cone 6 but not in a 9 or a 10. I tried Glazy and then digital fire. I suddenly had a pounding headache and needed some Pete's coffee. Followed by a cookie. This does not bode well. I actually have one in an old book by Emmanuel Cooper. But realizing it might not work at all I am looking for one someone has used and found successful. Please do holler at me if you have any ideas or suggestions Thanks so much

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