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    How are things with you today ? hope fine I guess. Please I will have love to discuss some confidential matter with you if you do not mine, you can write me through my private mail at (kateojo73@yahoo.com ) So I can able to reply back to give full details about the issue. Hope to hear from you soonest.

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  2. Here is a question for those who wonder about making a living as a potter. This is a good time of year, when a lot of us are thinking about totalling our books for 2011, to ask this simple question: do you know what your 2011 total gross sales were and do you know what your total overhead was? (When I say “total overheadâ€, I mean a total that includes everything that you had to honestly spend in order to produce your work: studio rent or mortgage and taxes, insurance, clay, glaze, kiln, utilities, show and booth fees, tent, travel, commissions, advertising, etc., etc.). Once you know your total gross income and total overhead, then you can figure out what percentage your overhead was for every dollar you took in. My overhead is typically 50% of my income. I would be interested in hearing what that percentage is for other potters. From my own percentage, I can get a “ballpark†idea of what is made clear per hour, or I can use it as a general tool to compare how profitable different shows were. These figures can also force a hard look at what real money is actually cleared, after which I can take a serious look at how to increase sales or lower overhead, which becomes a topic for another discussion.