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  2. Hi, I have been firing a 2827G for the past year with the same disappointing problem. I have tried the diverting flame on two burners, the self 1 1/2 inches from the top, packing more densely with staggered shelves - but to no avail. I deduced that it was colder at the bottom because more cold air was being drawn in via the rather large burner ports in the bottom of the kiln. Which was also the reason that I couldn't reduce the bottom half of the kiln. What I tried was to take 4" standard insulating bricks and drill a 2" hole near one edge and mitre the edges to fit snugly into the angle so that the hole is centred over the burner. The 4 bricks now support my bottom shelf. The difference in temperature between top and bottom is negligible (the bottom being slightly hotter) and I get reduction throughout the kiln.