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  1. confused over earthenware and glazes

    Thank you for the responses I feel much more confident about it now. A
  2. Hi I am new to pottery i started throwing on a kick wheel in Jan and love it, i have a small manual kiln that operates on a kiln sitter and i was using stone ware and stone ware glazes but I want to change to earthenware as my kiln struggles with the higher temps. Here's my problem, the earthenware clay both white and terracotta I can get tends to have a maturing temperature of 1080 to 1160, the glazes for earthen ware tend to be between 1040 and 1060. I don't have the knowledge or experience yet to make my own glazes so I buy ready made brush on. So do I bisque to the higher clay temp and then glaze at lower temp and if I do this does the bisque ware easily soak the glaze. Many thanks fo any help you can give me, there is much to learn. Anna