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  1. Jaay

    Very elementary

    You've been so incredibly helpful. The "won't make your clay more durable" was the nugget I've been searching for. I'm very reluctant to take this to the next stage, as I am very proud of this piece, but the whole intent of the clay was to make a mold so I could cast many versions of this to create other variations. I would download a photo, but apparently it's too "bit rich" for this platform. Can't thank you enough for your advice and expertise. I will be using silicone to make the mold, and plan on using acrylic as a sealer, then a universal mold release spray (essentially vegetable oil). Wish me luck.
  2. Jaay

    Very elementary

    I'm actually casting a mold of the sculpture so that I can make copies of the original. I'm just wanting to know if baking my sculpture (but only to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit) will strengthen the clay, or if it would be a wasted step. I appreciate anyone spending time responding to what is really not a "ceramic" question. I may just opt to seal the sculpture with acrylic as is, and hope for the best.
  3. I have just finished a sculpture out of what the package describes as "natural clay". The brand name is "craft smart" out of Texas. The piece has dried in air for over a week, and is what I would call "green" (if I remember correctly from high school art). I want to create a silicone mold of the original to create a series of reproductions, but I'm worried about the original surviving the process,as there are some thin sections. Would low temp firing, say in my oven, strengthen the clay, or am I at risk of blowing this up?

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