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  1. Debbie Lothammer

    Firing Question

    Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions. I appreciate the experience of the experts!!!
  2. Debbie Lothammer

    Firing Question

    The bisque is the same colour as ever. Used an M340 clay. So I put a drop of water on old bisque and it took 35 seconds to absorb. The new bisque absorbs almost immediately. What's my options?? Go with it, or re-fire or??? Nothing changed in this bisque firing from any others I've done. And no, I didn't have any test cones, which I will in the future. I usually learn the hard way.
  3. Debbie Lothammer

    Firing Question

    The kiln is a manual switch. Five switches, one hour apart. I turned the last switch on at 5:30. So only 3 hours from the last switch to shut off. The sitter tripped. It was a full load. Most pieces appear to be as normal. I had a bowl on the top shelf that I had done a stained slip design on that the colours didn't pop like I was expecting, so that was kind of why I was questioning it.
  4. Debbie Lothammer

    Firing Question

    I just did a cone 06 bisque fire. Normally runs 11 1/2 to 12 hours and then cone sitter shuts it down. Yesterday it shut off after 8 hours??!! Just wondering how a person knows if the pieces are fired enough, or should I redo it or??? Can you help me out?

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