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  1. Starting Point for Yellow

    Something along the line of this. I'll have to look into Marigold. So far I haven't seen any from the clay shop that were the right tone without maybe mixing some stains together.
  2. Starting Point for Yellow

    Hey everyone. Anyone have an idea on where to start for a yellow glaze ? Mustard yellow is what I'm aiming for and so far its been hit and miss. At this point I have tested. Cerdec Degussa Yellow- Soft lemon yellow Mason Golden 6103 - Weird peachy color Yellow Ochre- Weird yellow with a green cast I've read some about Rutile making yellow but have only seen it in Cash Blue recipes. Would this be something to try next? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Try rolling your coils on another slab of clay. It might seem weird but I found it to keep your clay really plastic when just adding more water and re-kneading makes it tired feeling and more likely to crack.
  4. Selling in Galleries

    Its 80/20. A very small profit on their part I think. Fairly new businesses (under a year) I've had a little apprehension since they are so new but thought well what could it hurt.
  5. pinholes on glazed bowls

    Out of curiousity what kind of Amaco glazes? I use the Amaco celadons sometimes and they will pinhole on areas where you've trimmed. I've fixed this with sponging down the whole piece before glazing.
  6. Selling in Galleries

    Thank you. I do know these people somewhat and so far, they seem like people with good enough intentions. I should have been more specific it's a coffee shop setting with an attached gallery. Now I'm sure its probably a no brainer they will be spending way more time and energy pushing their coffee shop than pushing art works. So I am prepared if the items don't get anywhere or for some reason get them back. I'm still not sure where to go with this. Maybe just like a sampler of items? Perhaps 1 or 2 special items and the rest smaller stuff?
  7. Selling in Galleries

    Thank you and thanks for mentioning consignment. I received a contract today and sure enough it is.
  8. For those who sell in galleries how does that go for you? Asking because recently I was asked to put work in a gallery, nothing specific just whatever I felt with a limit of 9 items. I'm not really sure to go about this as I know the small items like... mugs tend to move faster. In my head I cant truly imagine 9 lonely mugs on a shelf going in a gallery. Is this typically do for gallery setting? First time doing anything like this so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Whatever it takes, right?
  9. Identifying Clay Body

    Thanks, found it. Seems like any stoneware will work for a terracotta if you use your imagination lol
  10. Identifying Clay Body

    For a while now I've been using a Terra cotta in a few slips as well as mixing it in my clay body. This came from some advice I read about adding amounts of earthenware to stoneware temps for better vitrification/glaze effects. It worked fine for the most part, as this is just a clay I picked up at a hobby store but strangely enough this "Terra cotta" is labeled as air dry clay (as in modeling clay for school projects). Now I was expecting it to be your plain ol Terra cotta but I noticed it felt somewhat off at ^06. It wasn't that rich orange you expect but more of a bisque. So I made a test piece and fired it to ^7 expecting a puddle of ceramic. Surprisingly it was still there, reacted well with glaze, and seems pretty vitrified on the surface. It came out a very deep brown. For some reason I thought real earthenware would bloat and melt at stoneware temps. Could this be a stoneware clay in disguise? I would switch over but at $1.00 a pound that is some very expensive stoneware..
  11. Shino question

    Oh okay I see. As for the hazing its usually where there's fired unglazed clay next to a glaze (like a footring) there's an orange haze. I thought it was iron fuming from the clay body, sometimes it's there and sometimes not depending on the glaze. If you're familiar with clay bodies there's a popular kind from Laguna called Speckled Buff that I've noticed it on several times from pots made from other people.
  12. Shino question

    Yes its stoneware . Just to clear up any confusion I didn't mean to make it sound like a glaze defect, I love it when it happens. For some reason I thought maybe the nephsy as a base feldspar had something to do with unlike other feldspars I've tried that just can't produce the same effect.
  13. Shino question

    Why is it white shino glazes leave the vivid orange\red on the breaking points? I've read a few recipes that include Spodumene as well as Nepheline Syenite. I have a white glaze that can behave like that kind of shino, white and breaking orange where thin. It is also made with NephSy but not the Spodumene. So I was curious if the NephSy was a factor? I was also curious of why some glazes leave an orange haze at the border on raw fired clay opposed to others? Thanks!
  14. Chicken Scratch

    Excellent Joseph. No not yet, I was thinking about using a clear/white glaze over it for some crazy bleeding. Was your granite grit the whitish kind or the red?
  15. Clean Footrings

    That sounds excellent, I'll have to try that. See I have to mainly work with either wax or a brush as I raw fire my pots. I imagine glazing and trying to sponge the foot ring without wax would make a pretty bad smear of glaze and clay.

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