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  1. Thank you, that's incredibly helpful. Hopefully I can get someone to weld me something similar to the original but my bodged version works well enough for the time being. Thanks again, Rob.
  2. That's brilliant, thank you so much. Could you possibly post a picture from a bit further away so I can see the whole assembly? Also, do you know the make and model? Thanks again I'm really grateful to everybody for their help. Rob.
  3. Hi, I just bought this wheel and would be really grateful for some help setting the handle/pedal up properly. I can't find a makers plate anywhere on, or in, the cabinet. The plate on the side with technical info has the model as WHD which I think might be a Wenger. Anyway, as you can see from the photos the handle has come off and although I can bodge it to make it work as a foot pedal I'd really like to set it up how it was originally meant to be. If anyone can give me any ideas of the make/model or even better a manual I'd be truly grateful. If someone has something similar a rough sketch or photo of how you have it set up would be great too. Thanks, Rob.

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