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    What Frit And/or Flux To Use?

    Will do. Thanks
  2. My father passed away a few years ago and was cremated, and we've been holding onto the ashes since until I could use them in some ceramics. I'm finally in the process of making the pieces and I'm using some of the cremains in the glaze. I just completed my first round of testing and am wanting to just use the ash sprinkled on and letting it flux out as if it were in a wood firing. My test tile with just some of the ashes sprinkled on it was just about dead on as far as the color I was after, but it was crusty and didn't really flux out on its own. I was wondering what frits and/or fluxes I should add to the cremains to hell with this problem. I want to ensure that whatever is added doesn't alter the color. These are being fired under Δ10 reduction. Thanks for the input. Edit: I also need to know recommended percentages of added flux/frit
  3. DanEvans

    What Frit And/or Flux To Use?

    Also, would creating a dry mix of ash, flux, and frit work if it were sprinkled into a pot?

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