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  1. gwyndolyn

    Dtc 600C Keypad Buttons Not Working

    Well, I tried and tried and tried the rubbing to get anyone of the buttons to depress, but I couldn't get it to work, I appreciate the advice anyway. It was worth the try. I ordered the replacement from Bartlett Instruments yesterday, and according to UPS, it should be here tomorrow. Wow. Bartlett -- super nice, super smart, and obviously, super fast!! Thanks again for the help.
  2. gwyndolyn

    Dtc 600C Keypad Buttons Not Working

    Thank you for replying. I did call Paragon (nice people) and a tech called me back this afternoon and we tried several things, yet I still had only three buttons working at the end of our conversation. The tech did give me a price for a new controller and a wiring harness which she said I would need. And you were right, Neil: I checked Bartlett Instruments for prices and I'm glad I did. Now I just need to call them to be sure they have a replacement in stock and a wiring harness to fit. Thank you so much for your help!!
  3. Has anyone any idea as to why particular buttons on the keypad will not work? The "enter/start" button works as does the "alarm" and "ramphold" . . . Yet, I want to use the cone-fire mode. I hit enter, the word idle appears, and then I touch enter again. Four dashes appear and I touch #1 for ConE to appear so that I can enter the cone number. But that button doesn't beep as did the enter and doesn't let me put in the cone number. The kiln (TnF 66-3/DDTC 600C) was bought years ago, yet it hasn't been used very much. In fact, I haven't used this kiln in about 7 years; however, it's been covered and has sat safety in one area. Any idea? Thanks, Gwyn

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