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  1. Hi all, I'm wanting to make a low-fire matt or satin transparent glaze. Have any of you got a simple recipe? Thank you in advance.
  2. Momo

    Hot plug

    Thank you, Neil.
  3. Momo

    Hot plug

    Hi all, Is it normal for the plug to get hot? My kiln is located in a shed and I have it plugged into an outdoor socket on the outside of my house. Obviously it's a closed and watertight socket so I'm guessing that doesn't help with the heat; but I've also sometimes left it open (on dry days) and it still gets hot - is this normal or should I be worried? Thanks in advance.
  4. Momo

    Clay Cat Litter

    Thank you for your reply, Sputty. Much appreciated. The litter I was referring to is this one: https://www.catsan.co.uk/Products/clumping-litter It's 100% clay. What do you think? I can but try - and if need be, I could mix it with some existing clay to see what'll happen.
  5. Hi all, I have a question that has probably never been asked before: is clay-based cat litter usable as content for casting slip? I ask this because it's cheaper and I can buy it from a local store rather than order my usual clay online and have to pay an exorbitant delivery fee. I like to experiment so was going to make something small to see what would happen but I also thought I'd put the question out there in case anyone had actually tried this. Thanks in advance!
  6. Momo

    Paper Clay Installation

    Amazing work!
  7. Wow! So much useful information. Thank you!
  8. This community is wonderful. Thank you all for your help!
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Momo

    Moulds for Slip casting

    Thank you. That's great to know.
  11. Hi all, I'd like to have a go at slip casting but wondered if I could use a piece of bisque ware as a mould instead of making a plaster mould? Bisque ware is porous so I thought it might work too. Has anybody tried this and if so, was it successful? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, I'd like to make my own paper clay and have read several recipes but I'd like to hear from anyone who has actually made it. What's the best type of paper to use and why? Thank you.

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