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  1. I have realized I never reported back. The solution you proposed has worked - heating the glaze has indeed dissolved the crystals and it became usable again. Thanks!
  2. I don't know about the Netherlands, but the most common Ferro frits are available here in the UK.
  3. Tamas

    Cream Glaze Recipe

    I am rather fond of cone 6 recipe Mary's Error (Link to recipe on Glazy); it is the liner glaze on the bowls in the attached pictures.
  4. Neil, that is interesting. I will look for and try out some clays to see if I can get close.
  5. That makes sense, thank you, Marcia. I fire electric, so this particular solution is not an option for me then.
  6. Thank you, guys - indeed that was the glaze I was referring to. Yes, I know I can get a speckled look in various ways, I was just curious what wizardry they used to achieve it in the glaze. Here's what Scarva says about the glaze:
  7. That is strange, when I click on it it takes me straight to the specific page. Apologies. Anyway, the glaze is the Scarva GZ2214 Iron Reactive stoneware glaze.
  8. Hello Everyone, I was looking at this commercial glaze: https://www.scarva.com/en/Scarva-GZ2214-Iron-Reactive-Glaze/m-5060.aspx and was wondering if you could tell me which component/property of this glaze made it 'iron reactive'? I would love to locate a glaze recipe with the same effect that I could try, or develop a glaze on my own. Thanks!
  9. Tamas

    Why Calcine China Clay?

    There are ~90 recipes using calcined kaolin over on Glazy, glazes and slips alike: https://glazy.org/materials/94
  10. Yes, exactly, they are multifaceted little rocks. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely try this - I would hate to discard the glaze.
  11. Thank you, curt! I'll keep that in mind for the next batch.
  12. First of all, hello everyone, I am a hobby potter living in the UK, very much in the learning phase still. This is a great forum with a wealth of information, I hope I will be able to contribute, and not just ask silly questions. So let's start right away with the first silly question:) The other day I mixed some Caramel Candy glaze for testing. The glaze recipe is here: https://glazy.org/recipes/6131 After a few weeks when I opened the container I saw that hard crystals had developed in the glaze slurry, the size of small pebbles. Which component is responsible for this, and how can one prevent this from happening? Thank you.

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