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  1. Hi everyone, Im thinking of purchasing an L&L front loading that is 6.7 cubic (the model number is eFL1626). I love all my L&Ls so I'm thinking of sticking with the brand. However, this particular model does not have elements on the door. Is that something i should be worried about? I do 05/5-6 about 3-5 firings per week. Im planning to get this kiln with the moving casters so i can easily move it around (imagine when you bring your kiln in for maintenance, you just put it on a leash and pull it like a pup!) I'm aware its twice more than the top loading, but i hope this will be better for my back (i plan to do this for another 70 years! so gotta take care of my body now ) Thanks in advance for all your comments everyone! One day i will be experienced enough to offer advices as well, not just taking it.

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