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  1. I think I may have underfired my bisque Kiln. I'm using a new to me computerized kiln that was pre-set to bisque 07 probably by a previous user. My porcelain is a cone 6 kind. Is it possible to get the clay to maturity still by glazing it and then firing it to the right cone? Or do I have to re-fire my bisque? Will this affect the glaze? Please advise, thanks
  2. Great Project Gone Bad...

    Wow, Lots of amazing suggestions - thank you all for taking time to respond! I had to do a number of things to save the cylindrical vases: First I threw a damp cloth inside the cylinder to moisten the cardboard (which was too thick to cut out dry) Then I wrapped them and left them for about a day. This moistened the cardboard enough to be able to rip pieces out and eventually collapse the cardboard. One of the vases cracked down the entire side as it shrunk so it had to be "healed" through scoring and slipping. Thankfully, they survived after quite a bit of work! The students are happy and all is well!
  3. Clay Branches For A Nest

    My first thought as I read your post re; creating clay branches was paper clay as well. I hear that if your paper clay dries out that you would be able to add a wet piece to the bone dry piece without scoring and slip and it would still stick. This way you could add on to the nest if need be. That reminds me...I have a bucket of porcelain paper clay that I made in the basement - there are recipes online, it's not overly difficult. It's also available to purchase ready made.
  4. My students have done a great job creating hand built cylindrical vases. We took the precautions and wrapped the cylinders in wet newspaper before shaping the clay around the forms. We carefully wrapped the vases with thin garbage bags. The very next day, as a good teacher does, I checked on them and intended to carefully remove the cylinders but found the newspaper lining almost completely dry and the cylinders won't budge! Help!! The cylinders are about a quarter of an inch thick cardboard and at least 18 inches tall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!