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  1. Doesn't look like anyone on this forum has any suggestions. Does anyone have a suggestion where else I can post?
  2. I plan to travel to SMA February 2018. I'm on the wait list for studio Barro but does anyone know of other potters willing to provide limited access? I'm looking at 2 maybe 3 days per week for the month of February.
  3. KareninOttawa

    Low Fire Glaze

    Presently I bisque at 08 and fire at 04. I think according to the article I should bisque higher can I bisque and fire at the same cone?
  4. KareninOttawa

    Low Fire Glaze

    Thanks for your reply. The 2 Frits are 3195 and 3134 do you suggest I replace one of the Frits with 3110 or just add a bit?
  5. KareninOttawa

    Low Fire Glaze

    I was using a red earthenware clay body covering it with white slip and decorating over that with a variety of underglazes. I was using Deb's clear as my glaze. I fired to cone 04. Then the glaze began to shiver off. So I switched to a white clay body eliminated the slip fired a bit lower soaked the kiln for 30 minutes and you guessed it the problem persists. My preference is to use a red clay body with slip and the underglazes. I used Pete Pinnell's slip recipe. I know its a glaze body not fitting but wonder how to fix the problem. Plus not all the pots all the time are affected but I need a reliable glaze. Am at at a loss.

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