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  1. Looking For A Controlled Thick Drip Glaze

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply, those examples were right on. The majority of my work is sculptural based and I tend to leave my work unglazed. When glazing I've been using a clear glaze, Amaco HF-9 Zinc - Free. I thought that the hard edged affect might be a particular type of glaze. I did think about loading up the glaze but I thought that this would cause bubbling and not the clear solid finish that the sample shows also I was concerned with the glaze just running free. I going to give this method a go and see what happens. Thanks again and if you hear of anything else I'm all ears Lincoln
  2. Hi Ceramic Arts Community, I'm new and I hope I'm posting in the right place I'm looking for a glaze with a controlled thick flow, one that builds at the bottom and ends with a hard edge. I have attached a photo of what I'm looking for. I fire cone 6 in an electric kiln. Any information would be great. Thanks for your time Lincoln