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  1. Help With Saggar Firing

    Thank you Min, and I appreciate the welcome. I have some low fire cone 05 glazes to try out. Maybe that's still hot enough to burn out the carbon but I'll keep playing around. I'm stuck on the look/feel of pit and saggar fired clay. The commercial glazes I have access to feel too controlled, like there isnt enough room for surprises. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the spontaneity of smoke and fire in dinnerware safe pieces I'd love to keep researching.
  2. Help With Saggar Firing

    I wanted to raise this post back from the dead instead of starting a new thread (I tried to find an answer online and by searching the boards). I am searching for a method to use the smoke/carbon capture of a saggar fire on functional food-safe items like cups. My plan is to bisque fire my white stoneware first then use a saggar in a separate firing (probably only to 1500 degrees). I would then fire the cup again to a full cone 6. My concern is that the cups will leach the carbon/ash during use with tea or spirits. Would "sealing" the results of the saggar firing with a clear glaze and then firing to cone 6 solve this potential issue?