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  1. In Search Of Kiln Space

    Just wanted to update in case anyone was curious, I believe I found somewhere to fire! Very excited to finally order some porcelain 🤗
  2. In Search Of Kiln Space

    @Neil thank you! I will ask my teacher tonight if that is something they may be willing to do. Otherwise the search continues!
  3. In Search Of Kiln Space

    I mixed up my terminology (newb alert) I did check what I wrote in my email, and I said "I am trying to find a kiln to rent space in (pay per shelf or a whole load) for porcelain firing (cone 10) and glazing (cone 6 food safe glazes)," but looking at that statement again it would vitrify during the initial firing and be unable to be glazed or refired at that point if I understand that correctly? I haven't had any experience with porcelains before, and have been reading up on them (and just read a few threads on the forums about using them), and if cone 6 porcelains are just as strong as cone 10 and appropriate for functional dinnerware, I would be very willing to try those. The studio I take classes in doesn't work with any porcelains, and takes more of the make your pot and put it on the shelf to be fired approach (they have a kilnmaster that does all the firing) and doesn't really delve too much into firing theory (as far as I am aware).. I will start looking into cone 6 porcelain and may try and get some sample sets and see what works best for me. I'm not interested in throwing, only handbuilding (minimal slab work, I really like pinching and want to get that technique down). I hope to take Antoinette Badenhorst's porcelain e-courses eventually, but for now it will be a lot of trial and error on my own (and lots of reading). Thank you for the advice/comments, they are very much appreciated .
  4. Hi everyone! New member here, I've been reading posts left and right, so much helpful information! I thought I read a post similar to my question but I can't seem to find it now ... I am a pretty new potter (been years since I worked with clay whatsoever) and have been trying to find a potter with kiln space I can rent on a regular basis, or pay per load. I am trying to work with solely porcelain, but am having difficulty finding somewhere to fire it. The studio kiln I have access to only allows firing and glazing of clay bought from them (understandable), and I am unable to have a kiln in my apartment (nor do I feel comfortable having one until I've been doing this steadily for a good 6 months-1 year or more). I checked the kiln space list on the big ceramic store page, and haven't heard anything from the two potters listed for my state (NC). Does anyone happen to know of any potters in the Winston-Salem/Raleigh/Charlotte area (mid-to-western North Carolina) that might be willing to meet me and set up an arrangement for me to fire my work in their kiln? I would be firing porcelain to cone 10 for bisque ware, and to cone 6 for glazing (using food safe glazes). The size of my pieces would be small (teacups and bowls holding 8-12 oz. or roughly a 1/4 L, ) and very small (pendants/earrings). Thickness of each piece would be 1/2" at most (about 1 1/4 cm). I would like to also fire some plates for dinnerware, but can hold off on that for now if only a small kiln is available for use. If anyone knows anyone or can point me in the direction of where I need to look it would be greatly appreciated!