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  1. DirtRoads

    Employees vs Productivity

    I forgot about Wess Roberts. Ordered all the ones I haven't read. That Straight A's book is great. I also read that Star Trek one and was really excited to see you mention the one on Attila. Don't really know how I over looked it. Someone gave me the Warrior one for Christmas one year. I just don't run in academic circles now and it's been awhile someone recommended a book. Thanks!
  2. The best reason ever for stepping aside! Thank you for all your input over the years.
  3. DirtRoads

    Dust collection in studio!

    In addition to building a vac system, somewhere on the board someone mentioned to never go directly from your shop to your living quarters if that is possible. I now have separate areas and have to walk outside to get to my living area. Really cut down the dust coming in there. Also, I never sweep and use a wet mop instead. (read that here too) Mix glaze in a deep bucket pouring water over it to avoid dust clouds. As for the young children, maybe keep them out of the area for dust safety.
  4. DirtRoads

    Employees vs Productivity

    I've always been totally fascinated with Attila. Have read and watched a lot about him. Will read!
  5. DirtRoads

    Employees vs Productivity

    Yes I need to do a new time study as you suggested. No one here loads kilns except me ..... I don't really trust them to do it. One employee will unload. I look at production on a daily basis. My loss ratio is very very low, less than 1%. I personally control the drying and care of drying pottery. Kiln/equipment maintenance runs 1 to 2% of gross sales. I do NOT want to expand. If anything, I'm cutting back and just raising prices. I'm at 100% sell thru. Yeah I hear you about the texting. I had the 50 plus employee business in another business before pottery, and I'm not going back there. I've got 2 really good employees. Going to check the production next week and see where the numbers are now. I had these numbers figured out a few years ago but different employees.
  6. I have a really hard time getting some employees to put out what I call "production". One just quit and I really don't think it's worth replacing them. Sometimes, I feel it's just a "lateral movement of money". Anyone have numbers for glaze and clay production? From my experience, ideal numbers would be 10X wages for clay and 15X wages for glaze. I've had employees that can meet this number. Is this too demanding? I'm at the point of just cutting back and upping the prices to meet demand.
  7. https://www.sheffield-pottery.com/Diamond-Rotary-Tool-Tips-and-DiamondCore-Sanding-Pads-s/827.htm what grit to use? 60, 120, 240?
  8. DirtRoads


    Most of the pieces on this table are my pottery. Using various metal stands and tree trunk slices for height. Used a natural look for the floral here. Used 3 different colors for the containers, to add interest as opposed to a long table using one color.
  9. DirtRoads


    Cheese Straws in a free form bowl.
  10. DirtRoads


    Spinach Artichoke dip in a free form bowl
  11. DirtRoads


  12. DirtRoads


    Found this iron stand in my friend's garage and made 2 custom size bowls to fit it. Plus matching pieces for crackers and dips.
  13. DirtRoads


    Used a lot of my pottery in my niece's wedding reception. Nice to be able to make any size you need! Items like the olive dishes and trays to hold dressings, which you couldn't find.
  14. DirtRoads

    pugmill - Bailey vs Peter Pugger

    I have the Bailey model that Min posted and love it. Excellent customer service with help on install and replacing a small switch. (they covered it with warranty too). Can't imagine doing without it. (Probably wouldn't have bought a Pug/Mixer or the electric slab roller I have if I hadn't seen so much discussion on the forum). Sharon Grimes
  15. DirtRoads

    ISO of a perfect matte white dipping glaze...

    What can you put in a white matte glaze to reduce the "shine"?

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