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  1. GreyBird

    Hudson River Clay

    WOW, that's so very cool. I mixed up some glazes which I'll fire up tomorrow. Will be a few days before I get results but will post them here too
  2. GreyBird

    Plaster Bats? Need Advice.

    I do use more water when throwing on plaster to keep my hands from sticking or "catching" on the bat. I never noticed it until I threw on plastic bats and compressed wood bats where you need far less water. It's just an adjustment in water usage My plaster bats have plastic lined holes for bat pins.. I thought I would always prefer plaster, but now I actually prefer the cheaper, lighter, bats that don't require so much water to keep things running smoothly.
  3. GreyBird

    Hudson River Clay

    I am loving all of this detail and Googling a bunch of new words. LOL. Today's word... "macaloid". Thank you so much for sharing all of this information
  4. GreyBird

    Single fire vs Bisque and Glaze

    Yes, I'm mixing new glazes and looking to duplicate what I will get out of the big kiln so what Neil says makes the most sense in my case. I will bisque them. Thank You!
  5. Hi, I have a small test kiln ready to fire a bunch of test tiles with new glazes. The test tiles are greenware. I'd like to glaze them and and fire right to cone 6 since they are just test tiles and not likely to explode. My question is do glazes come out the same if applied to greenware vs bisque ware? -M
  6. GreyBird

    Hudson River Clay

    Is Cherry Hills town in NY State? I can't seam to locate it on Google..
  7. GreyBird

    Re-Fire to sooth out thickness?

    Oh good, Thank You! I am hopeful then, that it will work and if not... no big deal.
  8. Hi all, So I mixed this glaze I loved which worked perfectly on the test tile but apparently I put it on too thick on three mugs. If I refire them in my next load is it likely to smooth out (see pics around the rim) or should I not even waste the kiln space. -Mary
  9. GreyBird


    Thank You!
  10. GreyBird

    Feldspar FFF?

    I book marked it
  11. GreyBird

    Feldspar FFF?

    OOpps, next time. I already ordered from Axner
  12. GreyBird

    Hudson River Clay

    Cool.. Looking forward to your results!
  13. GreyBird

    Feldspar FFF?

    This is all I cold find: https://www.myspicer.com/shop/tricalcium-phosphate/ Ah Found it here. But they are just calling it Synthetic Bone Ash: https://www.axner.com/tri-calcium-phosphate.aspx
  14. GreyBird

    Feldspar FFF?

    Thanks You and VERY cool mug. I assume this mug uses Tricalcium? PS Where do you get it. My search in my usual Ceramic shops just brings up bone ash.
  15. GreyBird

    Feldspar FFF?

    Would Bone Ash be the same as Tricalcium Phosphate?

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