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  1. starsbythedoor

    Glaze Melding

    thanks! what material do you you for this? i mean it must be able to withstand 1000C.
  2. starsbythedoor

    Glaze Melding

    thank you everyone that has replied! super helpful!! i will be looking into some stilts!
  3. starsbythedoor

    Glaze Melding

    Hi everyone! I am am new to ceramics after moving to it from metal clay. Things are going well but there is one constant error. I have a small jewellery kiln and it fires to the correct temp and the ceramic and glaze is working fine APART from where the object touches the kiln shelf on a glaze fire. I make pendants and rings mostly and it is so upsetting to have the items ruined or stuck to the shelf!! I use low fire stoneware clay and low fire glazes. So my question is what do I fire my pieces on. I have seen metal kiln furniture, is that the way forward? I am hoping you can help me, if you need any more info from me let me know! Thank you! Emma xxx

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