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    I create functional and decorative pottery using bright colors and designs similar to the majolica technique
  1. hello please send for me some designe thanks

  2. I made it out of plexiglass. first I rough cut with a small fret saw, then neatened up with a dremel tool. I was able to get a really nice foot on the cup.
  3. I recently used a template to throw a series of 50 espresso cups. It worked very well for me. I first made the cylinder slightly higher than the finished piece, but finished thickness. I then applied the template at about a 45 degree angle to the cup as the wheel was turning, and slowly from the inside pushed outward towards the template, while at the same time carefully pushing the template inward, until the shape was established. I then trimmed off the top and finished the lip. Hope this helps. Marla
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