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  1. Recommendations for A New Used Kiln

    Sounds fantastic! I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things. Thank you all very much. Iynny, I'll definitely agree that kilns have personality! Each is different. When I was in school even the digital electric kilns of the same model fired differently.
  2. Recommendations for A New Used Kiln

    Thank you both very much for your helpful replies! Arnold, thanks for all the informative links!! Is it possible to acquire a firing gauge for my kiln sitter? Are firing gauges of different dimensions for different kilns, or are they of a standard shape for all Duncans (or all kiln sitters regardless of kiln manufacturer?) Also, could you tell roughly how old my kiln is from its model and serial number? Trina, are you in the central Texas region? I called Armadillo Clay Supply and they recommended an electrician named Efren Oranday. I'd be happy to check out your electrician too, if he is in my area. I think once its up and running Ill fire it at 05 empty except for kiln furniture and variouse witness cones scattered throughout. Then again at cone five or six.
  3. Hi There! I have been working towards building a home studio in my garage and recently purchased an old Duncan DK series kiln from a trusted potter friend. She has had it for many years but has not used it. She said that the friend she got it from probably fired it less than 25 times. The kiln looks to be in very good condition but I have not looked at the wiring yet. It has not been fired up for many years and was stored outside under a deep, sheltered porch. I have an electrician who has worked with kilns before coming out to take a look at it soon. I am not new to ceramics and firing, but I have only worked with kilns that have already been used extensively and fire reliably. Once it has been wired up correctly, what test firing procedures would one do to determine how well it works? I have only found information online referring to brand new kilns. Also, are there any videos or diagrams out there that clearly describe how to adjust the kiln sitter? I have only been able to find a tutorial with very poor pictures. Any other procedures you would recommend for a new used kiln? Thanks for your help! edit: Some specifics from the plaque: its a Duncan DK 1029-2, LT-3K, 240 volt, 60 hz, E01800. Cone 8 max temp 2345f. Ill be eventually using it for mid-range stoneware functional pottery and sculpture.