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  1. clay mixer less than $200?

    I've completed about six sculptures using Original Sculpey,which I know is not that great. So, I just switched to Super Sculpey and havestarted a new sculpture. However, I'm finding that it's not that easy to workwith, even though everyone says it's the best. I'm finding it hard to blendadded clay to the existing area. I am also doing a small face and it's veryuncooperative. At any rate, a lot of doll artists (I'm doing figurines however), use polymerclay blends to get the best result. From what I've seen, these mixes lookawesome. I have been told that mixing ProSculpt, Fimo, Fimo Mix Quick, Kato andothers will give a good balance. However, I have no idea what ratios to use andwhat clays to mix. Can anybody suggest which clays I can mix to get the best results and whatratios to use??? I appreciate any help you can offer.