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  1. Identify My Clay

    Same craftsman makes these. Good for cooking or any concerns to consider when using them for cooking? No glaze applied just natural fired clay. Pots are slightly sandpapered and washed before use. Love the looks of them and am now thinking to try to make all my tableware almost exactly like it. Plates, bowls, cups, beer mugs, serving platters. I expect they might break, chip and easily get knife cuts a lot but If I can make them then I can just replace as they break or become damaged too much. Suggestions on the best way to proceed to do this would be appreciated.
  2. Identify My Clay

    For sure I will find out how the local guy does it but was trying to figure out if instead of pots the FIG would be good for tableware. In any case thanks a lot for all the help. Looks like firing a few samples will be necessary after all.
  3. Identify My Clay

    Thanks guys for a lot of good info. I am settling down in Philippines and this is in Romblon province, Tablas Island. Any ideas? Its definitely good for throwing. Thats how the local craftsman does it. They also make bricks from it. Guys here use the bricks for lining hot parts of BBQs. Not likely made for tourists, not enough of them arround to make a living from tourists Mostly flower pots and decorative jugs and other shapes of pretty big size To test it I would have to get a kiln which im thinking may end up not needed if it wont vitrify. At the moment am trying to figure out if there is even a point to get a kiln out here. Transporting it here will probably be close to half the kiln price. Buying commercial clay here would probably be the same additional expense as the kiln so really would like to get away with using the local clay. Yea it may end up very brittle but it will be fun and cheap so it might be worth it anyway even with breaking and replacing half a dozen items per month.
  4. Identify My Clay

    Greetings all, Am just starting out and excited about getting into experimenting and finding out what I can do. Would appreciate if you could help with some advice. Local craftsman makes the pottery in the picture. The clay used is naturally occurring in the area and I would like to try making use of it. What type of clay would it probably be, what properties and good for what applications other than the pots in the picture? One of my interests would be tableware and hope this would work.