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  1. Glazed Mugs Safety

    Thank you for this explanation. I have also heard that some glazes contain lead which I understand is unsafe...
  2. My friend just told me that the lemon in her tea causes the glaze of her mug to peel off. Is it safe to eat and drink from glazed ceramics?
  3. Thank you all for your help!
  4. Can you please share the respirator that you recommend? Would this protect from the smallest particles that Callie refers to?
  5. Thanks for your replies. I feel that my throat is dry and my eyes are also somewhat irritated after spending some time in the studio - although this may also be seasonal allergies which makes it confusing. I would probably feel more at ease with a mask...hard to know how necessary it is but the studio is used by many members and of course there is dust.
  6. Is there an amount of time spent in a pottery studio that is not a cause for concern in terms of silica dust exposure or is even a small amount unsafe? Are the disposable NIOSH approved dust masks effective to address this? Do others wear dust masks when spending a few hours a week in the studio? Thank you!