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  1. Good Morning, I had to shake my head this morning when the weather guy said it was going to be possibly -45. I was not sure if I heard it correctly or if I was still asleep. Even the beavers are hiding out. Ha ha I would love to hook up and find out about your set up. You are also in Calgary I see. I am not familiar with what a dm is. I will try to reach you through your website. Have a beautiful sunshine day.
  2. Greetings from Calgary, Alberta Canada. windchill today -25c I am going to buy a kiln, not sure which make/model yet, but it will be an electric one. Can anyone offer some guidance on the following; I intend to build a good garden shed with a poured concrete floor to house the kiln. 240 and 120 will be made available to the shed to satisfy the kilns floor requirement and 120 for a light and baseboard heater. The shed will be butted up against the main residence. What kind of kiln, a good large-ish one, would be best to use when it is going to live in a shed outside? What will happen to the kiln when the temperatures drop to -30c or -35c for weeks at a time? Should I insulate the walls and roof of the shed? At what height should I build the ceiling and does it need a metal heat reflector on the interior, or can it just be wood? Can the walls be wood or should they be drywall? If I have 2 feet all around the kiln is that enough to prevent and fires to the shed? Is 20 feet away from the residences furnace fresh air intake enough so that the exhaust from the kiln will not interfere? The kiln will be direct vented to outside air. I just want to be as safe as possible. We just built a new house after having to demolish our old one due to the big flood in 2013 so I am a little nervous. I am new to pottery and am really excited to get going and start firing my own work. Any help or suggestions from anyone who lives in these temperatures would be very appreciated. Many Thanks, KOGD