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  1. Nettle

    raising my wheel

    Would bed risers work, or is that a daft idea?
  2. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    The controller is a Stafford 215.
  3. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    Thanks oldlady. It is indeed wonderful to have both. Must remember to use the search box when appropriate. Good advice.
  4. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    Hi Blackdogspotter. I'm in the UK and very usefully have a retired electrical engineer for a husband who very usefully took care of that side of things while I was at work. Hi Joe, I've got the Ecotop 60S. Looking in my paper manual it reads the same way as yours. I copied and pasted the paragraphs above from the online manual, which reads slightly differently. The kiln is currently burning in as I've got a couple of days off work after a busy weekend, and is up to 600 deg C. I opened the garage window but it was getting smelly in there so the side door is now open too. The manual suggested 100 C per hour up to 1050 C and then hold for 1.5 hours, so I had an opportunity to figure out the controller too. Once it's cooled the next job is to tighten the tensioning bands and then get busy with the kiln wash. I could do with suggestions of how much water to add to achieve the right consistency. I guess it needs a day or so to dry in afterwards? There's an intake on the bottom of the kiln that the manual suggests should stay open until it's reached 600 to 700 deg C. There is also a plug for the exhaust pipe. What does plugging the exhaust achieve?
  5. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    No idea what they mean by wood stilts, there's nothing in the box that fits that description. I'm guessing that 'exhaust fume' is a translation from the German as its a Rohde kiln. The English in the instructions is generally very good but there is the occasional clue that it's a translation.
  6. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    OK, thanks for your replies. This is what made me think I needed to include the shelves:
  7. Nettle

    My Pots.

    Thanks for posting that, it was really interesting.
  8. Nettle

    New Kiln Prep

    Hiya, I've been lurking for a good while, but now I need to ask a newbie question please. I've just had my first kiln delivered - I can't play with it yet because it's not wired in. The instructions say I need to 'burn in' the kiln and furniture before first use, so am I correct to assume that this should be done before I put kiln wash on the shelves? Cheers, Annette
  9. Nettle

    Cap'n Cavy Progress Photos (Help?)

    He's so much fun, I really love him. I was thinking of making a ratty with two pinch pot spheres, but trying to make him look like a soft toy.

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