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  1. Rakuken

    Seeing Cones

    I use this flash light to view cones
  2. Would like to see your kiln and setup. Aloha, Ken
  3. Rakuken

    What Makes A Good Mizusashi Good?

    Toshio Ohi San of Japan measured one of my mizusashi opening with his fist. Aloha, Ken
  4. Rakuken

    What Makes A Good Mizusashi Good?

    It's not urushi, it's auto paint. I go thru the process of sealing, priming and spray painting the wood covers. I retired as an auto painter. There are a few more mizusashi pictures in my gallery. Aloha, Ken
  5. Rakuken

    What Makes A Good Mizusashi Good?

    I love making a mizusashi. Here are a few. I also made and finished the wood covers. Aloha, Ken
  6. Rakuken

    Hakeme Slip Recipe

    My Hakeme brush and results. Brush is made with jute twine. I hot glued a few strands to get the scratching effect. Aloha, Ken
  7. Rakuken

    Anyone Make A Slab Roller?

    Mark, here is a better picture of the handle. I modified it since the last picture. Aloha, Ken
  8. Rakuken

    Anyone Make A Slab Roller?

    Pres, the cable set up is the same configuration as the Brent. All the parts were bought at hardware stores. Still using it. Aloha, Ken
  9. Rakuken

    Anyone Make A Slab Roller?

    I made this slab roller about 30 years ago. https://flic.kr/s/aHsiQJgTv1 Aloha, Ken
  10. Rakuken

    Kiln Design Question

    Picture of my converted kiln. Up draft, two forced burners for even heat, cone 10. Aloha, Ken
  11. Rakuken

    Kiln Design Question

    Check out this kiln. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150512321531637.371360.113539501636&type=3
  12. Here in Oahu Hawaii $5.00 a gal. Is a good price. It' been at this price for years. Aloha, Ken
  13. I use a high intensity LED flashlight to view the cones. (TechLite lumen master) You can Google the name to get more info. I also made a video showing the results with the flashlight. In the video cone 9 is on the left starting to bend. I posted this info once before but no one responded. I have a friend that also uses the TechLite. Aloha, http://www.flickr.com/photos/67879015@N05/6698264613
  14. Rakuken

    How's The Weather?

    Glazing in my outdoor patio today in Hawaii....😜

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