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  1. Spooze; 1/3 your clay body 1/3 vinegar 1/3 Caro syrup or other cheap sugar syrup. Mix it up. Put it on to repair. Let dry and sand to taste. TJR.
  2. My previous studio had an exhaust hood from a restaurant, suspended on cables screwed into the ceiling worked great. Was cheap. Had a squirel cage blower and metal flexible hose leading out a window. The trick was remembering to turn it on. TJR.
  3. TJR

    Pots in Movies

    I just watched The Magnificent Seven on Netflicks. Eligh Wallack is the bad Mexican with 40 raiders. Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner get together 7 gunslingers to save the town. Lots of terra cotta pottery. Even in the bar, they are drinking out of terra cotta mugs. Some coloured slip application. 2.In the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly," there is a great scene at the beginning of the movie, where the "bad" is staring down the farmer over a big plate of salad and squash. Looks delish. They are eating with hand-carved wooden spoons. You know that the farmer is going to;"bite the farm", as it were, and he does. Nice big platters though. Eligh Wallack is the ugly in this one. Can we say; "type cast" Love that movie. A bit long though. TJR.
  4. TJR

    Sitting On My Hand(S)

    There was a great talk at NCECA this year on carpal tunnel syndrome and just taking care of your hands/arms to avoid numbness. He even had slides of dissection.Not creepy at all. His brother is a potter. He is a medical doctor. Can't remember his name at the moment. We were waiting for John Baymores' talk. TJR.
  5. I've been thinking about this one for a couple of days. Chris hit the nail on the head. If you have to say that you are a Master, then you are not one. If you have a sign over your display that says;"Master Potter, or Worlds Greatest Potter", then you are not. In thinking of past masters at NCECA, I would definitely include Don Reitz and Val Cushing. Looking at that video of the Robin Hopper talk, I would definitely include him. You do not have to be dead, or be male to acquire the designation of Master. You need the respect of your peers. You definitely would have had to give something back to the medium, as in books, lectures, shows of your work. TJR.
  6. Here's a rule I hadn't thought about in a while since I am working alone in my own studio. I used to work in a 26 member co-operative, then before that ,art school. Here's the rule; Do not touch another person's kiln. As in turn it up, turn it off, turn switches off after it has fired. I have on occasion phoned the person who is firing to ask if they want their kiln turned up. Saves them a trip in the cold of winter. Most people say yes, and thanks. One person said "no". This is o.k. with me. Australian;lippy for lipstick.chewey for gum, bottle-o for liquor store.A big one which Babs used was stuffed it up for effed it up. TJR.
  7. jrg; If your supplier does not have strontium carb., time to find a new supplier. This is like saying;"My supplier does not have EPK." TJR.
  8. The law; 1.Do not do custom orders. 2.If you make orders, make three, as two will break. 3.Do not make custom orders. TJR.
  9. Third pic looks a bit runny. You are a lucky man. Go buy a lottery ticket. TJR.
  10. Good luck, Mark. I hope it turns out well for you. Tom.
  11. TJR

    Gustavo Pérez

    Having seen the work of Gustavo Perez at the NCECA workshop and also seeing his video, you realize that he is a Master. To take away something obvious from his work and copying it would not be a way to achieve his technique. He is on a journey like the rest of us. To take a cylinder, make it into an oval and begin slicing it would not give you Gustavo's work. There are reasons for the slicing. There are reasons for all of his design choices.I would never attempt to duplicate his work. I can appreciate the beauty of his pieces though. TJR.
  12. TJR

    Pacifica 800

    I have had a Brent CXC for 35 years. Bought a used B for $750.00. So now have two Brents. Don't mind the noise. I always thought it was in my head. TJR.
  13. You are just asking for people to check out your work in the gallery. Nothing there! Where can we see your work? TJR.
  14. Hey,g; Send us some more info. Where are you from? How old? What pottery interests? Welcome to the forum. Don't be shy! TJR.
  15. TJR

    Gas Kiln Design

    Close the top vent. It is confusing the draft. Place cones all over esp. at back bottom. Might be a great little kiln. Too early to tell. You do not want to make a cross draft. Stick with the burner placement you have. TJR.
  16. TJR

    Sanding Bat For Pottery Wheel

    Glass blowers have a big carberundum stone that runs horizontally, for grinding the bottoms of pieces. In pottery, we shouldn't need to grind so extensively. If I let them,my high school students would sand all class until the piece broke in their fingers. I just use a piece of coarse sand paper. quick two minuter, then done. TJR.
  17. Ray; I hate to say it, but I like the one on the left better. Colour. Placement of handle. Am I missing something. Educate me. Tom.
  18. TJR

    Amber Glaze

    The Redart is an earthenware clay that is bringing iron to the glaze. It is quite coarse, so you wouldn't be able to sieve to 100 mesh.Try 80 mesh. TJR.
  19. TJR

    Quality Of Work Sold?

    This isn't just a problem in the market place. At art school, you see platters with big cracks in the bottom being offered up for a critique. I have also seen grad students carefully gluing work together to last long enough that they can take a photo for their portfolio. Of course this is not the case for everyone but we need to make pretty sure that "craftmanship" is involved in the process. If students are flogging questionable work, there is justification by admin for closing ceramic programs.Once these programs are gone, they are difficult to restart. TJR.
  20. TJR

    029 Autumn Leaves Mugs

    Beautiful work. So,you are saying stoneware? Could easily be earthenware as well. Like the decoration. Tom.
  21. TJR

    Bird Plate with Cobalt

    From the album: 2014 Portfolio

    Stoneware side plate on glaze decoration. September 2014
  22. TJR

    Bird Plate with Cobalt

    You caught me! I apprenticed with Michael Cardew in 1978/79. Once in a life-time experience. Had to come back to Canada though. I was broke and had been away for two tears. Tom.
  23. TJR

    Bird Plate with Cobalt

    Nancy; I apprenticed with Michael Cardew in 1978/79. One year. Seth was there as well. Tom
  24. TJR

    Quality Of Work Sold?

    I agree with Chris that there is a lot of cringe worthy work out there. There are also questionable "craft sales" at every hospital and church do. I try to walk past before the spirits of the bad pots get to me. I don't know who is the arbiter of good technical skill, but I would say that you shouldn't be selling anything for at least the first two years. Like I told my 17 year old daughter the other day...she won't be dating until she is AT LEAST 35. TJR.
  25. You always hear about how deadly Barium Carbonate is, and that it is used in rat poison. Say a person;[hypothetically speaking], had mice in their cottage. The mice were snacking away on the store bought poison.Could a person lay down some barium? How much? I have also heard it used for ants, 50/50 with sugar. [Called Ant Rid.] TJR. Anyone try this?

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