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    What A Crack! ( In Pottery )

    Mark; I am with you. Sadly, I had to learn it the hard knocks way. Three casseroles with lids. Third one finally fit. I don't even know why I attempted it. I don't make casseroles. TJR.
  2. TJR

    What A Crack! ( In Pottery )

    Mark, when he gets out of his tree will tell you to never take custom orders. Something always goes wrong. You have to make three of everything and MAYBE you'll get one that fits. Go stand in front of a mirror and practise saying "no". Feels great, doesn't it? TJR.
  3. I love to make teapots-the pulled handle, the spout, the lid. They are tricky but satisfying when done. Don't like to make goblets or chalices.I guess I don't really know how to make them. TJR.
  4. Ceramics Monthly has a real estate section at the back of the magazine. Don Reitz studio, and John Glick's studios are both up for sale. I think this would be where you post your add. TJR.
  5. You should have worn that helmet. Was there a question in here somewhere? TJR.
  6. I mentioned my plan B a while back on another thread. I am going to fake my own death and then go to the Coromandel peninsula in New Zealand and live in a shack that I build out of driftwood. Trouble is.. I told too many people about the faking my own death part. Anonymous.
  7. TJR

    Cheap Heat Resistant Suit?

    I think you just took your old furnace and strapped it on. I don't think you are really making a suit. T.
  8. I've got a crap load of old earthenware clay, bagged up, rock hard dry that I am going to reconstitute and then fire Majolica. But then those stoneware and porcelain glazes keep sucking me back in. So beautiful...so little time.. so beautiful...[sound fades out]. TJR.
  9. Just replace the cones and re-fire as is. Should work great. TJR.
  10. TJR

    Cheap Heat Resistant Suit?

    Mark; you have to shorten the neck, or you will cut your nose off. TJR.
  11. We called them boat anchors in art school. We had the older male student who was doing his degree one evening course at a time. Ceramics was his last course. He had a really thick bowl, stoneware, that was about a foot across. He asked our prof what he should do with it. Prof says;" Fill it with concrete, attach a chain to it and use it as a boat anchor." Next week;"Remember that big heavy bowl I had? I took your advice, and filled it with concrete. Works great as a boat anchor." Hence the name. That was the class of 1975. It's been forty years since art school for me. TJR.
  12. Great looking shelves,Mark. You must feel very satisfied, as winter is coming. I am pulling all my tomatoes today, as Jack Frost is coming soon. Question; What do you do with those buckets of old glaze that never worked out? Can you dump them down the drain? TJR.
  13. TJR

    Is It Ruined?

    I think you could just stick it in your next load of bisque. Should burn right off. TJR.
  14. The funny part of that story is that somebody actually sold this person a green,unfired pot and got away with it. It wasn't me!
  15. Mark, you animal, you. Hate to break it to you, but not all animals have beards. What about lizards? TJR.
  16. I used to used coarse black cotton thread. Now I use dental floss. I have had the same piece for probably 10 years. Works great for cutting lids off the hump. I don't throw much else off the hump as the bottoms crack. Must be a flaw with my clay. i suggest that you give the floss another go. TJR.
  17. I guess teaching would be my plan B. I have always taught art, so would not want to teach English or something else. Maybe I would retire. TJR.
  18. Pres; In Canada, we have 5 pin bowling. No holes in the bowling balls, which are smaller. you could always move up here. TJR.
  19. TJR

    Potters And Pets

    You mean Clint Eastwood divorced her? Ha,ha! Still don't like her acting ability. T.
  20. Well, I kind of went through this myself. Three years ago I got my right hip replaced. could not stand, so could not teach high school. Could not walk without a cane. Could not sit at my Brent wheel. I did a bunch of stuff-press molded planters, some slab trays, some collages. The time went, but it was not the same.Got my new hip that November. I was off work for a year and 3 months. Luckily, I was able to collect long-term dissability insurance. Unfortunately, with 3 teenagers at home, the 80% salary did not make ends meet. One positive benefit of the surgery, is that I am not allowed to vacuum. I never liked it anyway. My coil planters and handbuilt stuff still sit in my studio. People want the hand thrown pots that I am known for. Been back on the wheel these last two years. TJR.
  21. TJR

    Potters And Pets

    When we came back from a techer exchange to Australia, my wife said;"Time to get a dog."Our three kids were old enough that they could take care of a pet. We have a standard poodle named Kalista after a town in Australia that we liked. NOT named after Kalista Flockart, Clint Eastwood's no talent wife. I am allergic to cats and dogs, so it had to be a poodle. TJR.
  22. TJR

    Kiln Venting

    Yoy need flexible metal piping. Do not use the plastic pipe traditionally used for dryers. Your kiln will be too hot for this. TJR.
  23. TJR

    1000 Miles Apart

    I live here. Ha,ha. Why don't you come out from Calgary? Tom. I was looking at how I could get off work to go. I will at least take in the slide lectures and the pot luck.
  24. TJR

    Monoprinting Onto Clay

    Mitch Lyons is the man. He uses a huge slab of clay. Paints slips and oxides on. Uses lots of texture. He prints on Tyvek. You can get Tyvek without the big "Tyvek" word across it. That would kind of ruin your print. TJR.
  25. TJR

    Show Us Your Teapots

    My handles don't get hot and they are clay. You pull them from the back end opposite the spout. See gallery. TJR.

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